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Remains To Be Heard Vol. 1

Artist: Pseudo Code

Year: 1984
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Insane Music, INS 14
Format: Tape
A1 One Day 10:50
A2 White Beast/Black Beast 2:25
A3 Monarch In My Kingdom 5:50
A4 Democracy Leads To Excess...Fascism Too... 1:20
A5 Little Big Man 4:20
A6 Fascination 4:25
B1 Slow Disaster 1:55
B2 The Crook Of Your Heart 5:40
B3 Surrounding 1:15
B4 One Night 3:20
B5 Névrose Obsessionelle 11:25
B6 Slaves  
Collection of live material from 1981-1982
A3,B2: Live at the Cool Gate, Brussels, May 8th, 1981
A5: Live in the Beursschouwburg, Brussels, April 3rd, 1981
B3,B4: Live at Zaal St.Elooi, Brugues, March 20th, 1982
B6: Live at Jacobiberg, Arnhem, April 3rd, 1982

Re-released on cdr in 2005, in the same sleeve/plastic bag as the original cassette.