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Artist: Various

Year: 1985
Country: France
Catalog No: Hawai, hawai 006
Format: Vinyl Lp-4
Spezification: with Bonus 7inch


    Face Abrupt
A1 The Tom & Marty Band* Algiers 4:46
A2 Metropakt Neuen Strassen 2:41
A3 Marina La Palma Hong-Kong Shoes 5:34
A4 Influenza Prods. Pretty City 3:43
A5 Unknown Artist Untitled  
A6 Oksana Linde Mariposas Acuaticas 2:14
    Face Baïonnette
B1 Unknown Artist Untitled  
B2 Kastrierte Philosophen Gun Beat Babes I 3:27
B3 Short-Term Memory Untitled  
B4 Short-Term Memory Go Home 4:21
B5 Unknownmix Ronnie Boy 4:42
B6 Unknown Artist Untitled  
B7 Club Dada Emprisioned Flesh 2:14
B8 Unknown Artist Untitled  
B9 Danny Alias Civil Defense: The War Dance 5:37
B10 Les Objets Insolites To Separate… 2:52
    Face Catholique
C1 Hans Hendrickx Berlin Johnson 3:40
C2 Albert Ret's Police Rip Lonely Vigils At The Morgue 5:27
C3 Space Negroes* The Eighth Sea 3:03
C4 Asmus Tietchens Deformhaus 2:36
C5 Wall Of Genius* House Of Horrors 3:27
C6 Ampzilla's Delight Landscape III 5:23
C7 La 1919 Nervi 5:04
    Face Dépressive
D1 Zarfati Bund Moyde Ani 2:54
D2 Tara Cross / Unovidual Touch Me Here, Touch Me There 4:16
D3 Frieder Butzmann N'GA 5:04
D4 Human Flesh First Aid (38th Human Attempt) 4:25
D5 Renaldo & The Loaf Here's To The Oblong Boys 3:43
D6 Rainer Linz Colour TV Song 4:30
    Face Eruptive
E1 Suyama Kumiko* Dance 3:19
E2 Twipi Twipa Bad Dream 3:56
E3 Wadya Want* Snapshot 4:13
E4 Kid Montana Rico Apollo 4:30
E5 Stabat Stable Bubble 4:21
E6 Hypnobeat Can God Rewind? Close The Fridge! (Part 2/Remix) 3:20
    Face Finale
F1 Autopsia Lebensherrgabe 5:37
F2 BP. Service Enervated Tiny Dranghts 3:35
F3 Primitive Products Don't Do That 2:11
F4 Pekka Airaksinen Kashyapa 4:58
F5 Randy-Raine Reusch* Pelan Pelan 4:52
F6 Strafe Fur Rebellion* Kamerun 4:08
    Face Glucose
G1 3 Musketeers New Brass 4:04
G2 Gheneral Thi Et Les Fourmis Prima Dona 3:02
G3 Twice A Man Happy Life 4:15
G4 The Pool Burn The Bride 7:39
G5 Peter Kaminski Compudrive 3:45
    Face Hétérodite
H1 Bill Rhea Incarna 7:03
H2 Denis Mpunga & Paul K. Fuanyaka 2:48
H3 96 Eyes Schneepalast 2:35
H4 Ohama The Drum 3:20
H5 Carlos R. Arcaute Psique 5:00
I1 Mark Lane Pushing And Pulling 3:11
I2 Stratis Herzlos 1:58
J1 Vo Ese Rike's Birthday 3:47

Companies, etc.


  • Producer [Produced By]JBV


Full title: "SNX - the entomology of tomorrow's popular music"

Due to lack of space, track D7, D8 and H6 was released on a separate 7" that was included in the box set. These have been re-numbered I1, I2 and J2 to ensure correct running order as reflected on the actual records.

A5, B1, B2, B4 and B5 are preceded by short tracks not listed on the label.

Track G3 is an early version.