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The Secret Diaries

Artist: Various

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Label: Ant-Zen
Catalog No: Ant-Zen; AZR 01
Format: Tape
A1 –Mondblut Hurt 4:26
A2 –Mondblut Story Of O. 5:03
A3 –Salt Pelvic 3:50
A4 –Contagious Orgasm Human Flesh Market 4:47
A5 –The Gerogerigegege Sitting In My Shit Room (1) 9:51
B1 –Mortuo Similis Animus 7:49
B2 –Control Images Sweet Dreams Become Nightmares 5:08
B3 –Pain In Progress Incestual Beasts 2:04
B4 –Fellatio Et Cunnilingus Psychotropy 1:55
B5 –Fellatio Et Cunnilingus The Hooded Crow 4:31
  • Compiled By – Aleš
  • Mastered By – Wumpscut*, Salt
Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.

Part I: Sex & Scourge Against Kaushi!
Black cassette packaged in a hand-made A4-sized black box of heavy paper, with a variety of inserts. The box is sealed with an A5 paper label. The inserts include:
- Thirteen A4 inserts. One for each track, one for the tracklisting, one with additional texts, and one with Japanese bondage artwork.
- Five poster-sized inserts, (black-on-white and blue-on-white), rolled up and tied with a black ribbon.
- A matchbox, (most with matches), featuring a scene from Cornwall, UK.
- A small chain, lock, and key, (originally around the cassette).

The Gerogerigegege: All song swiped from existing phonograph records - used without permission - Jap fuck.
Mortuo Similis: Recorded 1992.
Pain In Progress: people you know...