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Traumstadt 2

Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No: Jar Music
Format: Tape
Spezification: Ltd, Num
A1 Jungle  
A2 Plague 2  
A3 Find The Lady  
A4 Vigil-Anti 1  
A5 Apocalypse Soon  
A6 Love In A Plain Brown Envelope  
A7 Suicide Pact  
B1 The Whore Of Babylon  
B2 The War Of Silence  
B3 World War Six  
B4 Violence  
B5 Prav Naiizh  
B6 A Message From Our Sponsor  
B7 No Bell No Prize  
B8 Garlands  
B9 The Punishment  
B10 Visitor To The Machine  
  • Cover, Artwork By – Elke*
Comes in A5 plastic bag with an additional postcard.
Numbered and limited edition of 50 copies. Some unnumbered copies also exist.
The song "A Lust For Powder (Version Apocalypse)" is not listed, but appears on the cassette between "Garlands" and "The Punishment" on side B.

From the insert:

Side One:
Jungle (prev. rel: 'Something Stirs' compilation/A.I.R. Records) 1984
Plague 2 (prev. rel: 'Mineral Composition' comp/Stratosphere) 1984
Find The Lady (prev. unreleased) 1984
Vigil-Anti 1 (prev. rel: Insane Music Comp Vol. 2) 1982
Apocalypse Soon (version prev. unreleased) 1982
Love In A Plain Brown Envelope (version unreleased) 1984
Suicide Pact (prev. rel: Zamizdat Trade Journal) 1984
Side Two:
The Whore Of Babylon (prev. unreleased) 1985
The War Of Silence (prev. unreleased) 1984
World War Six (prev. unreleased) 1984
Violence (prev. release: Four In One Vol. 2 Comp) 1982
Prav Naiizh (prev. unreleased) 1984
A Message From Our Sponsor (prev. released on Compulsory Overtime Comp) 1984
No Bell No Prize (prev. released on 3 Minute Symphony Comp.) 1983
Garlands (prev. unreleased) 1984
The Punishment (prev. unreleased) 1984
Visitor To The Machine (prev. unreleased) 1985