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Human Flesh

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: A twin project to BENE GESSERIT by two Belgian artists associated with in- dustrial culture, Alain “B.GHOLA” NEFFE, also known from appearing with PSEUDO CODE in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Nadine “BENEDICT G” BAL. Never ones to have called themselves musicians, the duo debuted in 1981 with a novel musical formula, consisting of re-interpretations of NEFFE’s poetry read in foreign languages. The lyrics, in either French or English, were sent to their artist friends, usually females, in order to be processed phonetically in their native language and sometimes enhanced by additional, sparing sonic sequences. Recorded on tape, the material was then returned to be remixed or supplemented with new sound passages. The result was eclectic compositions fusing a number of musical aesthe- tics, ranging from the industrial avant-garde rock music, through post-punk vehemence to synthesizer pop music. One of the most active and creative participants of the international cassette network, the project enjoyed its greatest success in the 1980s. Since 1982 NEFFE has also been running his own independent record label INSANE MUSIC, with a catalogue topping 50 releases, mostly compilations on the cassette format. Discography: as BENE GESSERIT Kidnapping (Grafika Discs 1982) 7” EP as BENE GESSERIT Live In Belgium And Holland (ExtremMist Cassetten 1983) tape A Collection Of Ambiant Music: Volume 1 (Insane Music 1983) tape as BENE GESSERIT Edge Of Darkness (Third Mind Records 1983) tape as BENE GESSERIT Live (Insane Music 1983) tape as I SCREAM Tomorrow Is Another Day (Insane Music/Grafika Airlines ???) CD-R as BENE GESSERIT Postcards From Arrakis (Ding Dong Records And Tapes 1983) tape Life In Reverse (Ladd Frith ???) tape Meditation And Fears (Cause And Effect ???) kaseta The 35th Human Attempt (Insane Music 1984) LP The Third Human Attempt (Insane Music 1984) CD-R as BENE GESSERIT collaboration with USWARD Secret Mind, Postal Project (Insane Music 1987) tape as BENE GESSERIT split with LELU/LU’S Sahid Bahey (Insane Music 1987) 7” EP as BENE GESSERIT Fashion Is A Dirty Word (Dead Man’s Curve 1987) LP