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Artist: P16.D4

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Label: Selektion
Catalog No: Selektion, SLP 013
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: ex/vg+
A1 –P16.D4 Physisch Erschöpft 3:44
A2 –P16.D4 Koronardilatation 3:11
A3 –P16.D4 Distruct Fragment Zero 1:52
A4 –P16.D4 Aktion: Leer. Korn; Bier 1:29
A5 –P16.D4 Setebos 2:52
A6 –P16.D4 Inkubationskreise 2:58
A7 –P16.D4 and S.B.O.T.H.I. 85/86/83 1:14
B1 –P16.D4 Bürgerliche Illusionen 1:38
B2 –P16.D4 Strauchelnde Säulen 1:51
B3 –P16.D4 Aus Angst Davor, Zu Ersticken, Sprach Er Beim Essen Nie 3:33
B4 –P16.D4 Just Call Me Vacuum Head 2:30
B5 –P16.D4 "Okay" She Said With Her Customary Total Lack Of Consideration 1:19
B6 –P16.D4 SBII: Pionierchor "Diamat" 3:58
B7 –P16.D4 Mal Vu 2:41
B8 –P16.D4 Virtuell Ausgemerzt 3:23
  • Liner Notes – RW*
  • Performer [Personal] – Ewald Weber, Ralf Wehowsky, Roger Schönauer, Stefan Schmidt*
  • Sleeve [Sleeveproduction], Photography By – Makxs Caspers*
  • Sleeve, Typography [Type] – Horst Maus
Track A1 original version released on Sensationnel Le Journal No 1 C60 (Illusion Production, IP 012); this is a slightly different mix.

Track A2 original version released on Born Out of Dreams LP (Frux, FRLP1); abridged and reversed version on Dry Lungs LP (Placebo Pla-15); this is an edited remix.

Track A3 originally released on Mail Music LP (Nicola Frangione, LP 001); further transformations of this material were used for "Ext. Symbols" released on Distruct LP.

Track A4 original version released on Anthems LP (Trax, 09/83); this is a slightly different remix.

Track A5 original version released on Hate's Our Belief 2 x C90 (Torture Clinique) in mono; a revised version (some instrumental and vocal parts added) was released on Necronomicon 2 2 x C90 (Necronomicon, N 002); this is an abridged and restructured version of the original track.

Track A6 is a live version of P.D.'s "Progressive Disco" (studio version on P.D.'s Inweglos LP, 1980), recorded by P16.D4 in Guntersblum Dec 1980, cut and processed (w/original P.D. vocal material) 3 years later; original version on Funk 2 / Audiology No. 3 C60 (Vox Man Records, A No. 3); reverse version on Musica Venenae C60 (XXX, 30); this is an edited and restructured version of the forward version.

Track A7 started as "83" which was a version of some material used for "Dumpfes Begleitgefühl" (on Kühe in 1/2 Trauer) and was given to S.B.O.T.H.I. and transformed into "85"; this double-piece was the first result of the NNNN! project, but released later on Bad Alchemy Nr. 5 magazine w/ cassette (B.A. Nr.5), combined with a new recording: "86".

Track B1 original version released on Cadavres Exquis C90 (Chimik Communications, CC 01).

Track B2 original version released on Magnificant March Of The Dead Monkeys LP (Cordelia, Ericat 003).

Track B3 and B5 first release on Devastate To Liberate LP (Yangki YANGKI 1) erroneously in double-speed-version; the original version is released for the first time on this record.

Track B4 original version released on Thee Book C x C90 (Graf Haufen Tapes, GHT 34,35).

Track B6 first release on Strength LP (Azteco, A-003); this is a longer extract from the original improvisation.

Track B7 was a project especially realized for compilations; it is based on 2 live-improvisations both recorded in January 1985 at the SB II, University Mainz; these two basic tracks were combined, processed and cut to 6 fragments, which were sent to different compilators; the track presented here consists of extracts from fragment 1 and 2 which were originally released on New Babel cassette (no label) and Phallophorie Two C90 (Reseau Phallus, RP 006).

Track B8 consists of the same basic material later used for "Passagen-Kryptokontur" (on NNNN!); the original version was planned to be released on Ohrenschrauben LP (Dom, V-77-01), but there a reverse version appeared; the original version appeared one year later on Ohrensausen LP (Dom, V-77-03); this is a remixed and restructured version (Oct 86).