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Band-It 13 Cassette Magazine

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Kassetto Fix, Band-It 13
Format: Tape
   Industrial Report (Part 1)
A1 –Throbbing Gristle Untitled
A2 –Throbbing Gristle Untitled
A3 –Throbbing Gristle Untitled
A4 –SPK Untitled
A5 –SPK Untitled
A6 –P16.D4 Untitled
A7 –NTL* Untitled
A8 –Pierro Belli Untitled
A9 –Nocturnal Emissions Untitled
A10 –Lt. Murnau* / Vittore Baroni Untitled
A11 –The Haters Untitled
A12 –Psyclones Untitled
A13 –Mnemonists Untitled
B1 –The Outputs Untitled
B2 –UnknownmiX Untitled
B3 –UnknownmiX Untitled
B4 –Flux (19) Untitled
B5 –Bourbonese Qualk Untitled
B6 –Zimt (3) Untitled
B7 –Die Sache Untitled
B8 –Big Banana Products Untitled
B9 –Michael Kleinrensing Untitled