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Artist: P16.D4

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Label: Selektion
Catalog No: Selektion SLP 005
Format: Vinyl Lp
Tracklist Show Credits
A1 Kultstudien Zu Anselm Weiberg 7:02
A2 Meere, Giganten Und Berge 10:01
A3 External Symbols 3:20
A4 Aufmarsch, Heimlich 3:59
A5 Svenska Förtäring 0:21
B1 Kryptogramme (VII-XI) 4:37
B2 Upset Twilight 2:05
B3 Les Honteuses Alliances 3:39
B4 Martello Tower 0:24
B5 Luxus & Mehrwert 4:42
  • Cover – Achim Wollscheid
Notes Includes double sided, black & white A4 inserts with credits and this text:

The idea for DISTRUCT ( DISTANT STRUCTURES ) was born in early '82, when Harry c. Poole of Smegma fame - in reply to the invitation for Selektion's Masse Mesch - compilation - offered to send basic tracks to be completed by P16.D4. To quote Harry: "A complete tape made thousands of miles apart."
As it is, Harry never sent his tape, but P16.D4 began to organize the DISTRUCT-project at the end of 82. Material was submitted by the groups/artists named below and was used - together with some P16.D4-material - to compose this record's tracks from December '82 to October '84.

Limited edition of 400.