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Sexorama - An International Industrial / Noise Compilation

Artist: Various

Year: 1992
Country: United States
Catalog No: Statutory Tape STATAP 18
Format: Tape-5
Spezification: Box


    Volume 1
A1 P16.D4 Untitled  
A2 The Hanatarashi* Housedust  
A3 The Haters Spanking  
A4 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe The Cold Lie Of Pornography  
A5 Toshifumi Kawase Fetishism  
A6 40318 Fluoroscent Dreams  
A7 Merzbow Amaroxes  
B1 FâLX çèrêbRi C 1/4  
B2 Die Form Horse Cock Penetration  
B3 Enhänta Bödlar Yekk!  
B4 K2 Magnetorgy  
B5 Syonibyoto* Sexsorin  
B6 Sleep Chamber Lick The Iron  
B7 House Hunt Hussies Shagging Cherri  
    Volume 2
C1 blackhumour And Somebody Else Hurt Me Real  
C2 Toshifumi Kawase The Horse Is So Big  
C3 Comando Bruno Sex Lurch  
C4 Enhänta Bödlar Drook  
C5 Null* Deusex Makina  
D1 Merzbow Rape Insects  
D2 Der Verboten* Plikten Framfor Allt / I'm Falling / Tjoff Versus Boff  
D3 K (16) Live At Untitled Theatre 10 Feb. 84  
D4 Pax Romana Wooden Shed  
D5 Toshifumi Kawase Radio Noise  
D6 Pornoise New Cunts  
    Volume 3
E1 Controlled Bleeding Body Samples Session Pt.1  
E2 Klang Performed While Engaging With Sex Act  
E3 Le Syndicat Sex And Vomit  
E4 The Hanatarashi* Hawaian Punk Cunt  
E5 Mauthausen Orchestra Fistfuck  
E6 Nord (3) Pilgrimage  
F1 Bourbonese Qualk Erector  
F2 Merzbow 4th Innocent Victim  
F3 Étant Donnés Le Soleil, La Mel Le Coeur Et Les Etoile  
F4 Solmania Voxation 1  
F5 Vittore Baroni A.M.O.R.E.  
G1 N.B.N. Theme Song  
G2 Le Syndicat Dead Vulva / Ass Hunt  
G3 Boh Boh Democracy Machine  
G4 Klang A Piece Suggest Sex Throughout  
G5 The Gerogerigegege Rosalind Bruno  
G6 Tetsuya Fukui Ah Onagakaga Suita  
G7 N.B.N. Untitled  
H1 Controlled Bleeding Body Samples Session Pt.2  
H2 Ardissono Carlo vs Mentalvoid Rotten Sex [Left Channel] Wombcontagion [Right Channel]  
H3 N.B.N. Sadist Cock Sucker / Live At Bathroom  
H4 Unknown Artist Sextape  
H5 Merzbow My Night Of Terror  
    Volume 4
I1 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Be Bad In Bed  
I2 Agencement Untitled  
I3 Merzbow Kangun No Uta  
I4 Smarsh* Do Me No Favours  
I5 Sensugawara Bara Bara Pt.2  
I6 The Haters Ball Gag Poem  
I7 Asmus Tietchens Faircomp 1E  
J1 Toukaseibunshi Cric  
J2 The Gerogerigegege Yu Gung / Senzuri Boy Pt.2  
J3 Shitengo A Trip To The Moon  
J4 The Ponchans* Hyper? Dead Tex? Fuck Off!!  
J5 S·Core My Finger Still Hurts  
J6 NP Ablederung  



Re-release of Sexorama Vol.1-4 originally released on ZSF Produkt in 1984 Vol.1&2, 1985 Vol.3 and 1986 Vol.4.
Comes in large hard vinyl box.