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We Spit On Their Graves

Artist: Sutcliffe Jugend

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Come Organisation, WDC 883030
Format: Tape-10
Spezification: Box
  Anna Rouglsky (Lustmord)
A1 Kill, Kill, Kill!  
A2 Keighlet Alleyway  
A3 Whores Endlosung  
A4 Sutcliffe Youth  
A5 Lustmord (Filthy Whores)  
  Olive Smelt (The New Breed)
B1 Unite  
B2 Sex Beast  
B3 Pleasure Corpse  
B4 Entfernung  
B5 The New Breed  
  Wilma Mc Cann (Meanns)
C1 Strangulation  
C2 Electric Tool (Filthy Whores 2)  
C3 Poison  
C4 Sexual Abuse (L.C.A.)  
C5 Screwdriver  
C6 Ballpen Hammer (Ripper Attack)  
  Emily Jackson (For Reinhard Heydrich)
D1 Schutzstaffelkill  
D2 Reinhard Heydrich  
D3 Selektion  
D4 Dictator Rule  
  Marcella Claxton (Necro-Sadism)
E1 Necro-Sadism  
E2 The Fuckery  
E3 Severed Cock  
E4 Ejaculation Centre  
E5 L.C.A.  
  Irene Richardson (Hammer Deaths)
F1 Wilma Mc Cann  
F2 Emily Jackson  
F3 Irene Richardson  
F4 Patrica Atkinson  
F5 Jayne Mc Donald  
F6 Jaen Jordan  
F7 Helen Rytka  
F8 Yvonne Pearson  
F9 Vera Millward  
F10 Josephine Whitaker  
F11 Barbara Leach  
F12 Marguerite Walls  
F13 Jaqueline Hils  
  Patricia Atkinson (Ejaculation Centre)
G1 Erection Centre  
G2 Sex Master  
G3 Coprolagnia  
G4 Untitled  
  Jayne Mac Donald (KZ)
H1 Slaughterhouse  
H2 F.P.S.C.  
H3 Sodomy  
H4 KZ 1  
H5 KZ 2  
H6 KZ 3  
  Maureen Long (Seven Tortures)
I Seven Tortures  
  Jean Jordan (Assault)
J1 Edmund Kemper  
J2 Assult  
J3 Degradation  
J4 The Sex  
J5 P.H.L.  
J6 New Solution  
  Maralyn Moore (Sex Attack 1)
K1 Whores Death  
K2 Male Supremecy  
K3 Cock Dominant  
K4 Battered Corpse  
K5 Exersise Your Will  
K6 Sex Attack 1  
  Yvonne Peason (Sex Attack 2)
L1 Death Squad  
L2 Family Scum  
L3 Metal Pump  
L4 PHL  
L5 Sex Attack II  
L6 The New Killings  
L7 Wombaphillia  
  Helen Rytka (Vachers Way)
M1 Fetches  
M2 Vachers Way  
M3 Human Disregard  
M4 Forward  
M5 King Ian  
M6 Storm Detachment Hitler  
M7 The Dominant Force  
M8 Anal Canibalism (For Albert Ash)  
  Vera Millward (From Hell)
N1 Anti  
N2 Less Than Nothing  
N3 Argyll Square  
N4 Foetos Death  
N5 Sodomy  
N6 Dominator  
N7 I Came Only To See Your Death  
  Josephine Whittaker (L.C.A.)
O1 Queen Myra  
O2 New Camps  
O3 L.C.A.  
O4 Broadmoor  
O5 This Is Pommerenkke  
O6 Psychopath  
O7 SS 1982  
O8 Bonavandosis  
  Barbara Leech (Eighties Porn)
P1 Laceration Fatal  
P2 Of Pure Blood  
P3 Public Sex  
P4 Bloodfucking  
P5 Master Power  
P6 Eighties Porn  
P7 Beastiality  
P8 Mother Fucking  
P9 Headwounds  
  Marquerite Walls (Bringing Down The Whip)
Q1 Paedophillia  
Q2 Sex Submissive  
Q3 Corpse Fuck  
Q4 In The Face  
Q5 Bring Down The Whip  
  Upaghya Barbara (Ten Hours)
R1 Paedophillia II  
R2 Sex Submissive II  
R3 Ten Hours (For Paul Corrigan)  
  Teresa Sykes (National Force)
S1 Faulklands National  
S2 Military Force  
S3 Energy Man  
S4 Buggery  
S5 Mantal  
S6 The Shit  
S7 Psychopath  
S8 Now .!  
S9 Self Mutilation  
  Jacquline Hill (In The Face)
T1 S.D.  
T2 More Deaths  
T3 Trained To Murder  
T4 Body Battering  
This is the original Sutcliffe Jugend 10-tape set, released as WDC 883030 and later bootleged as a 10LP-set.
Each tape is released in a standard snap-case with identical front-cover.
Each tape-side is dedicated to a different victim of Peter Sutcliffe.