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Artist: Die Form

Year: 1983
Country: France
Label: Bain Total
Catalog No: Bain Total, K.19 Regular edition in 4x6 vacuform case or oversized clear plastic case. Both have the same artwork.
Format: Tape
A1 Instruments 3:32
A2 Mission In Asia 2:30
A3 Projected Sign 6:24
A4 Permutacion 6:14
A5 Lili Marleen 0:38
A6 Poursuite 2:56
A7 Arabian Draught 3:52
A8 Screams From Monastery 4:55
B1 Torture (Section 1/2) 6:18
B2 Enforced Sex 4:09
B3 Bestiality 2:03
B4 Sequence Viol (In Real Time) 7:06
B5 Simulacra 3:43
B6 Leders Klub 7:08
B7 Zimmer 23 1:06
  • Composed By [All Compositions] – DF*
Regular edition, this version issued in oversized 5"x7" black vacuform case.
Some copies may include a signed photography.

Other editions:
Lux edition: oversized vacuform with 10 original photographies, limited to 23 copies.
Limited edition: snapcase with 1 original photography, limited to 50 copies.
Regular editions: in oversized 5"x7" vacuform, 4"x6" vacuform, oversized plastic case and regular snap case.

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