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tra le rovine dei sensi

Artist: Nulla Iperreale

Year: 1983
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Tasaday, none
Format: Tape
A1 Untitled 1 13:00
A2 Untitled 2 6:45
A3 Untitled 3 9:46
A4 Untitled 4 4:15
B1 Untitled 5 9:30
B2 Untitled 6 8:54
B3 Untitled 7 7:59
B4 Untitled 8 6:03
B5 Untitled 9 0:44
Private Edition Tape released right after the transformation from Orgasmo Negato to Nulla Iperreale.
At the beginning Orgasmo Negato was the name of the group of friends supporting die Form in their live performances. The aim of Orgasmo Negato live action was to disconcert the listener. Later they started to play their own music.
The band's members were M. Camorali (bass, amputed bass, percussions, voice and other),
P. Cantù (guitar and drum machine) and S. Ripamonti (sintethyser)