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Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Sweden
Catalog No: Res Publika 08
Format: Tape
A1 –Prima Linea (2) Supremus 5:51
A2 –Tasaday La Luce E Il Respiro 4:49
A3 –Bourbonese Qualk Accidental 2 3:51
A4 –Bone Orchard Dead Eighteen 3:15
A5 –Royal Family & The Poor* Dog Star 4:30
A6 –Twice A Man Cloud Sky Damage 5:12
A7 –Omala The Heat Retainer 4:22
A8 –Strafe Für Rebellion Licht 2:49
B1 –Vox Populi* Ovan V 4:09
B2 –Die Form Deadline ; Despair 3:07
B3 –Hula (2) Motor City 5:31
B4 –Dum Dum Score* Exbakavox 3:35
B5 –Z.I. Group Suppression 4:19
B6 –Sluagh Ghairm Incantation 8:18
B7 –Pacific 231 (2) Enhance Your Sexe 3:22
In plastic bag with info on the 15 different European artists featured.