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Die Form

Artist: Die Form

Year: 1978
Country: France
Label: Bain Total
Catalog No: Product 002
Format: Tape
A1 Toys 1  
A2 Blister 1  
A3 Andenken 2  
A4 Gearbox  
A5 Editorial  
A6 Jazz  
A7 Oper No. 1  
A8 Pyromanic Tragik  
B1 First Talks  
B2 Anesthésie  
B3 Toys 2  
B4 Tropical March  
B5 Switch On  
B6 Wistful Acid  
B7 Divertissement  
B8 Speed Wash  
B9 Großmutter Traum  
B10 Scaffhold  
B11 Swinging Cakes  
B12 Childish Room  
Bandage cover with band name in slim italic font and "A Bain Total Product" sticker on tape.
Tracklist is glued inside tape case.