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Flexible Music Volume 2/3

Artist: Mental Code

Year: 1983
Country: France
Label: Bain Total
Catalog No: Bain Total; K.16 (snapcase edition)
Format: Tape-2
  K16 1 - Volume 2
A1 Corrosion Of Distress  
A2 Brutal Langage 1  
A3 Brutal Langage 2  
A4 Memory Temple  
A5 Perversion  
B1 Strinking Mechanism Of A Clock  
B2 Crash The Nuns  
B3 Surface  
B4 Passenger Of Thee Night  
B5 Disjunction  
B6 On Leaving Of Interior  
B7 Media  
B8 Stake (Extract)  
B9 Eternal Paradise  
B10 Mental Reservation  
  K16 2 - Volume 3
C1 If I Love, I Die  
C2 Television  
C3 Telegramme  
C4 Morning (Extract)  
C5 Generation  
C6 Half Alive  
C7 Dedale  
C8 Morsures (Extract)  
D1 Activator  
D2 Head Contact  
D3 Pre-Act  
D4 Simulacre  
D5 El Topo  
D6 Schnurbrust  
D7 Zimmer 23 (To Sophie)  
D8 Alerte N°5  
D9 Secret Of Scream  
D10 Attack Mode  
  • Composed By [All Compositions By] – DF*, M.C.*
Snapcase edition