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Die Form

Gender: Male
Country: France
A French electro industrial project, whose name was borrowed from the title of a German 1920s magazine devoted to new trends in architecture. It was initiated in 1977 by Philippe FICHOT (b. 1960), a composer and photographer, and the vocalist E?LIANE P. (b. 1965), who also appeared under a number of other names, e.g. ELEKTRODE, SOCIE?TE? ANONYME, D.SIGN and SOMBRE PRINTEMPS. In the late 1990s the two were joined by PASCALE C., a Japanese Butoh dance performer. Initially, from 1977 to 1992, the group offered some modern arrangements in their music, fusing various genres, e.g. the industrial avant-garde of rock music, techno and popular electronic music. Their live performances of the period combined hypnotic music with provocative para-theatrical elements, film screenings or painting exhibitions, concerned with sadomasochism, dark fetishism and pornographic debauchery. They frequently conducted an aesthetic and philosophical synthesis of contradictory values in human existence: its carnality and its spiritual and transcendental aspect. After 1993 the group turned towards a more banal, and consequently more commercial appro- ach to composition, and also to a live manifestation of sexuality, often bordering on kitsch and self-plagiarism. In 1977-1998 Philippe FICHOT also ran an independent label BAIN TOTAL.