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Die Form 2 / Virgin Flavour

Artist: Die Form

Year: 1986
Country: France
Label: Bain Total
Catalog No: Bain Total, K.04 All compositions D.F. 80/82. Total Remix 86, including three extra original tracks + some live tracks.
Format: Tape
A1 Raped Flesh  
A2 Your Reality  
A3 Ritual  
A4 Strates  
A5 Usage  
A6 Examination  
A7 White Carnation  
A8 Generique  
A9 Carmel Snow  
B1 Absolute Time  
B2 Intermedia (Live)  
B3 Final Days 1  
B4 Internation (Live)  
B5 Wardance (Live)  
B6 Dead Man (Suicide)  
B7 Freitag 13 (Live)  
B8 Observations Cliniques  
B9 Mit Klangloser Stimme  
B10 In/Form Cablature Of Desire  
  • Composed By [All Compositions] – D. F.*
Total Remix 86, including three extra original tracks (A9, B9, B10) + some live tracks.
Catalog number on cover is K. 04, catalog number on tape is K 04
This variation is J-card cover with separate track list card