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From Science To Ritual

Artist: S.P.K.

Year: 1983
Country: Italy
Catalog No: VIVA / Plasma Tapes 004 / Bain Total, K 17
Format: Tape
A1 The Last Night Of Tibet  
A2 Napalm  
A3 Funk #2  
A4 Metal Field Musick  
AA5 Day Of  
A6 Agony Of The Plasm  
A7 Twilights Of The Idols  
B1 Another Dark Age  
B2 Cultures In Decay  
B3 Serenace  
B4 Angst Pop  
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Al's Bar, Los Angeles
  • Recorded At – Sala Borromini, Roma
  • Recorded At – Oddfellow's Hall, London
  • Design Concept [Concezione Grafica] – R. Rinalduzzi*
  • Liner Notes [Come Organisation Booklet] – Claudio Di Giambattista
  • Liner Notes [Graven Images + Stilleben Inserts] – Sandro Bergamo
  • Management – Gabriella Umbriano
  • Translated By – Gabriella Umbriano, Mari Warner
Notes This cassette was produced as an part of the Italian VIVA magazine, 'N°10 Primavera 1983' issue, titled "Viva Noir".
The cassette contains tracks from the concerts at "Al's Bar" (24 April 1982 - A2/A6) and "Sala Borromini" (11 December 1982 - A7 and B1/B4) plus one song from the concert at Oddfellows Hall (24 April 1981 - A1). The cover does not list these venues, it does only list the recording dates and cities.
The tracklisting is not correct here and there, there are at least a pair of never heard elsewhere tracks.
The cover is screenprinted in silver on black cardboard. Most copies are a little too big for the snapcases and sometimes the inner flap is too long resulting in misfolds. The print is also not perfect due to the process of printing. Usually black cassettes were used but there are also copies on grey or white cassettes. Some feature photocopied stickers, some a silver dot, some remained unlabeled.

The Viva magazine is actually an oversized (35,5 x 23 cm = 14 x 9 inch) offset printed folder containing in its complete form:
- A postcard with Viva Noir No.10 Primavera '83 contents.
- The C60 cassette
- "From Science To Ritual" booklet (not stapled) with cardboard cover. 12 inner pages with italian text, photos, lyrics and band history timeline 1978 to December 1982.
- "Beyond The Valley Of Ultrasadism" - a folded 4 page 22 x 35 offset printed insert about Come Organisation with a text by Claudio die Giambattista (in italian language) and a list of all the releases of Come Organisation including magazines, badges, VHS, Super-8 films etc., lyrics to a couple of Whitehouse songs, and two Irving Klaw bondage photos (on the front and back - uncredited).
-"Graven Image" - a text about SPK by Sandro Bergamo.
-"Stilleben" - a text about "Evidenza e Morte" by Sandro Bergamo.
- a photocopied folded 4 page insert with english translations of the texts. The original english text of "From Science To Ritual" is found in "Re/Search 6/7 - The Post-Industrial Strategy".

A few copies also contained 3 double-sided horizontal pages of low quality photocopies (25 x 36 cm) with the original texts and photos by SPK used for the booklet "From Science To Ritual". To fit, they are folded in the middle.

Originally it was packaged in a slim plastic bag, sometimes stickered "Contiene C-60 Live/SPK 'From Science To Ritual'".

Tape and magazine were distributed by Bain Total under catalog number K 17