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1 - Terrains Vagues

Artist: Camera Obscura

Year: 1982
Country: France
Label: Bain Total
Catalog No: Bain Total, K.10
Format: Tape
Spezification: 3 different cover-colours
A1 Camera Obscura  
A2 Terrain Vague  
A3 Ouverture  
A4 Wizz Activator  
A5 Mix Organica  
A6 Sade Unorganisation  
A7 Stranger  
B1 Stranger (Suite)  
B2 Hauser Teil  
B3 After Light Snow  
B4 Trappe 4  
B5 Neo Station  
B6 Timefix 25 H. 59  
B7 Traces  
B8 Senile Case  
Each cassette has a unique color card cover, with title and sometime label info added with a typewriter
Catalog number on cover is K.10, but some tapes have a K 10 sticker