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Metal Mad Man

Artist: Merzbow

Year: 1992
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: SHF K7004
Format: Tape
A Live De-Composition From Tajima 32:17
B1 Metalmadman 1 14:14
B2 G.B.A. 9:01
B3 Excerpt From Live At Konjung Art Exhibition 7:06
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – 20000V
  • Recorded At – Performance Festival, Japan
  • Recorded At – ZSF Produkt Studio
  • Recorded At – Konjung Art Exhibition
  • Remixed At – ZSF Produkt Studio
Cassette has a cutout photo glued to the front. Packaged with a custom vacuum-formed plastic tray. Fold-out insert included in a zip-lock plastic bag glued to the rear of the tray.

A1 original recorded live at Gym, Ex-Hatsko Kosan Elementary School Camp in Tajima. Art and Performance Festival, Tajima, Fukushima. 26th August 1991.
Remix at ZSF Produkt Studio 27th May 1992.

B1 live at 2000V, Koenji, Tokyo. 19th May 1992.
Remix at ZSF Produkt 28th May 1992.

B2.recorded at ZSF Produkt Studio 24th Sept 1991.
Remix at ZSF Produkt Studio 28th May 1992.

B3 Konjung, Korea. 1st August 1991.
Originally recorded on 8mm video.
Remix at ZSF Produkt, 27th May 1992.