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Noise War Vol.1

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Label: Open Wound
Catalog No: MS 08
Format: Tape
 A1 –Masonna Holy Wacko 1:36
A2 –Merzbow Brain Ticket Saison 10:10
A3 –Incapacitants Choir Of Solenoglypha Polipodida 6:02
A4 –Freudwerk Bruch 6:53
A5 –Illusion Of Safety U.S.W. Test One 4:33
A6 –Mortal Vision Deathfun 5:00
A7 –Taint Frotteurism 6:02
A8 –The Grey Wolves Wolves Of Babylon 3:45
B1 –Controlled Bleeding Untitled 3:50
B2 –Emil Beaulieau While Reading Perverse Crimes In History 4:57
B3 –Monde Bruits Absolute Ego Dance 5:11
B4 –Macronympha Cut Her Up In Pieces 6:21
B5 –Trance Seismic Disturbance 7:07
B6 –Telecorps Ha, Ha Your Mushrooms Are All Gone! 5:17
B7 –Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 6:04
B8 –Taint / Macronympha Noise Play Bondage With Infant 6:56