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Pornoise / Extra

Artist: Merzbow

Year: 1984
Country: Japan
Catalog No: ZSF Product
Format: Tape
A1 Komala-Gattata  
A2 Sama-Lomata  
A3 Komala-Lomata  
A4 Rupa  
A5 Vatta-Lomata (')  
B1 Ekeka-Lomo  
B2 Sattussado  
B3 Citantaramso  
B4 Tamba-Nakhata  
B5 Paripunna-Purisa-Byan-Janatad  
The name of the company is clearly rendered as ZSF Produkt on the cover as well as on the tape label. This spelling was the norm with all Merzbow's ZSF tapes during the formative period.

Later released on CD as part of the Merzbox.