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Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bestattungsinstitut, BI-007
Format: Tape
A1 Maeror Tri - Growing Rotation
A2 Suicide Commando - Genocide
A3 Exterminator - Ordal
A4 The Grey Wolves - Violent Victory
A5 Entre Vifs - Thermoforgator (Runmax III/B)
A6 Kopfschmerztablette - -
A7 MØHR - In A Killing Paradise
A8 Kopfschmerztablette - -
A9 Junk Yard Enterprises Usa - XXX-Rated-Track 2B
B1 Der Pilz - -
B2 Suicide Commando - Ugly Beauty
B3 Merzbow - Fragment 14
B4 69 / Bestattungsinstitut - Killing Programmer
B5 Nostalgie Eternelle - My Own
B6 Ambulatorio Segreto - Cyclonizatio Extirpa
B7 Weltschmerz - Downtrod
B8 Merz -Big Band Theory (Part 4)
B9 Kopfschmerztablette–
Compiled By – Siegmar Fricke