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C.M. Arts

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: Japan
Catalog No: Mental Screen, none
Format: Tape
A1 Ugm (2)– Music For CM Arts
A2 40318– Blue Closet
A3 Techno Menses– Bastard In The Dark
A4 Shonibyoto*– Zatuon+Koi
A5 Young Holmons*– Lessev Music
A6 Be-2– Yume
A7 Nord (3)– Germanium
A8 Shinichi (7)– Org
A9 Masaki*– Gentlely Bamboo
A10 Yasuhiro Kobayashi (4)– In One Breath
B1 Tadashi Kamada*– Go Dream
B2 Takushi Kaneko– Ihen
B3 K (16)– Arcana Function 040184
B4 The Hanatarasi*– Robber Sex
B5 Momo Project (2)– Momo No Nayami
B6 Merzbow– Y.H.M.
B7 Elegant,Q– Female
B8 Xerosx– Devil Paradis
B9 Kitazima– Sk 84219
B10 Kai Denpa– How To Hard Core
Artworks by the artists included in the envelope.