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Cross Parallel

Artist: Juma

Year: 1982
Country: Japan
Catalog No: DD.Records, DT024
Format: Tape
A1 Night Chapel  
A2 White Labyrinth  
A3 Tender Ruin  
A4 Pulse Dance  
A5 Angel You  
A6 Black Labyrinth  
A7 Self-Ghost  
B1 Water Heart  
B2 Lizuid Asteroid  
B3 Passing Street  
B4 Clockwork Circuis  
B5 Noon Chapel  
B6 Solid Asteroid  
B7 Lamb  
  • Artwork – T. Kamada
  • Soprano Saxophone – T. Isotani
  • Synthesizer, Guitar, Sequencer, Rhythm Section, Strings, Bass, Composed By – K. Yoshimatu
  • Voice – F. Yasumura
Cassette came with photocopied printed matter, photocopied cassette art insert.