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Music from Bread Factory

Artist: Y. Fujimoto & T. Isotani

Year: 1982
Country: Japan
Catalog No: DD.Records, DT030
Format: Tape
A1 Untitled  
A2 Who Killed Cook Robin ?  
A3 Experiment, Part 1  
A4 Portrait Of Cake Man  
A5 Untitled  
A6 Untitled  
A7 Neighbors-Strangers  
A8 11th Product  
A9 Three Minutes Before  
B1 Untitled  
B2 Untitled  
B3 Experiment, Part 2  
B4 Watchin The TV  
B5 Experiment, Part 3  
B6 Safty Area  
Cassette came with photocopied printed matter, photocopied cassette art insert.