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Atrocity Exhibition

Artist: Grey Wolves

Year: 1988
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Freedom In A Vacuum; none
Format: Tape
A1 The Skin Area  
A2 Rune Filled Eyes  
A3 Obscene Mannequin  
A4 Left Orbit + Temple  
A5 Unidentified Female Orifice  
A6 Suite Mentalle  
A7 A Terminal Posture  
A8 Auto Erotic  
A9 The Him  
B1 An Existencial Yes  
B2 Concentration City  
B3 The Weapon Range  
B4 The Image Maze  
B5 Beach Fatigue  
B6 Autogeddon  
B7 The Atrocity Exhibition  
Licensed from Zeal SS.