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Choker Set

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Dendrite Tapes; dt-9
Format: Tape


A1 Za Dharsh Satan Walks Among Us  
A2 Resilient Stomachs Dismantler  
A3 Die Rache Tal Section 22  
A4 1348 Rhapsodomy In Blue  
A5 K. Jarson ...  
A6 Trevor Blake Oh No  
A7 Cephalic Index Jenn Goes To Town  
A8 Themis* ...  
A9 If, Bwana Watery One  
B1 Victor Victim Flow Into Disorder  
B2 The Grey Wolves Judgement  
B3 Doc Wör Mirran Sexesbi  
B4 Fovea Twister  
B5 New Carrollton Mistaken Identity  
B6 Aborted Reasures Remedial  
B7 No Idea The Picture Is Rolling, Beats Me  
B8 Esruk Toothpick  
B9 Die Rache Time Off  
B10 K. Jarson ...