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Heavy Electronics: Two Days Of Agony

Artist: Various

Year: 1994
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Tesco Organisation TESCO 015, Art Konkret ART 06
Format: Tape
A1 –Brighter Death Now A Di Pocere 9:26
A2 –Brighter Death Now Certified Dead 7:45
A3 –Brighter Death Now ...In Paradise 9:24
A4 –Brighter Death Now Great Death II 2:53
A5 –Brighter Death Now Death Appeal 6:33
B1 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Intro 0:30
B2 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Inborn Error Metabolism 10:52
B3 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Childhood Drama (Pt. 1) 4:35
B4 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Jesus Von Waco 4:33
B5 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Das Hammerwerk 7:58
B6 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Gedicht 2 5:35
B7 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Rausch / Inkubation 8:43
B8 –Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Fröhliche Waise 1:01
C1 –Con-Dom Seven Pillars Of Wisdom 6:20
C2 –Con-Dom Credo 5:46
C3 –Con-Dom Triumph 5:56
C4 –Con-Dom The 8th Pillar (Pt. 1-3) 17:21
C5 –Con-Dom Road To Total Freedom 6:09
D1 –Deutsch Nepal Entrance To The Imperceptive World 2:23
D2 –Deutsch Nepal Angel Impact 5:22
D3 –Deutsch Nepal Mantra (Of The Hearse Of D. Nepal) 6:28
D4 –Deutsch Nepal Impassive Metal Sex 8:58
D5 –Deutsch Nepal The Hierophants Of Light 10:47
D6 –Deutsch Nepal Holis Fix - Links Between Good And Human 7:42
E1 –The Grey Wolves Victory Through Violence 5:12
E2 –The Grey Wolves The Comfort Zone 4:54
E3 –The Grey Wolves Zeitgeist At Zero 9:27
E4 –The Grey Wolves Klandestine Amerikkka 3:46
E5 –The Grey Wolves Shitlife 4:07
E6 –The Grey Wolves Religion 5:42
E7 –The Grey Wolves Savage Sex (Recoil) 3:52
E8 –The Grey Wolves Departure II 6:35
F1 –Genocide Organ Keiner Kommt Zurück 6:52
F2 –Genocide Organ Death Is Looking For Him 5:00
F3 –Genocide Organ Kill Useless Nations 2:55
F4 –Genocide Organ Amazade Y Negri 5:08
F5 –Genocide Organ Woman Is Meat 5:05
F6 –Genocide Organ Klaus Barbie 6:06
F7 –Genocide Organ John Birch Society 3:59
F8 –Genocide Organ White Power Forces 7:57
Limited to 610 hand-numbered copies. Housed in an oversize VHS-style case with a 16-page A5 booklet.

Sides A to C recorded live 16.04.1993, sides D to F recorded live 17.04.1993 at Ubstadt / Weiher.