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Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: IP 03
Format: Tape
 A1 –Stefano Biasin Remember Lola Falana
A2 –Recycled Body Programm Bachhausern
A3 –Solanaceae Tau Amplitude Overload Desaster
A4 –Solanaceae Tau Le Technicien Opaque
A5 –LSD* Sea Of Noise 2
A6 –S·Core Still Alarm
A7 –Context (3) Product 45
A8 –Blackhumour A Calculated Risk
A9 –DZ Lectric Kaâli
A10 –The Grey Wolves Untitled
B1 –Enema Och Gejonte* Untitles 1,2,3
B2 –Not 1/2 ....And Then, Too, At Lower Than Usual....
B3 –Pyrom (2) Kocmoc
B4 –Vandal X Soon To Come
B5 –If, Bwana All Stars
B6 –factor X Untitled
B7 –Costes Cassette* No Strawberries!
B8 –DZ Lectric Planéte
B9 –pronegatif Sonorous