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El Pez-Vidriera

Artist: Das Synthetische Mischgewebe

Year: 1989
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Freedom in a Vacuum
Format: Tape
A Untitled  
B Untitled  
Text inside: The music on this cassette is related to, but isn't, the soundtrack of 'El Pez-Vidriera' (The Fish-Churchwindow), a peformance given in the fishseller's section of a market in Barcelona. The performance is based on a story of a man who enters a world in which everything is reduced to a sort of paralysis, drifting slowly, without will. The man finds these forms very attractive and wishes to become part of them. He realizes the danger inherent in this form of existence, but sees clearly in recollection that he has seldom really steered his life. The man lies down and becomes sleepy, but dreams quite badly. An unidentifiable screaming awakens him. He stands and has to realize that this world was and is a reflection of his own.
No Cat. Number. No track listing.
European edition dubbed on clear cassette and hand numbered edition of 200 copies.
Canadian edition on black cassette and not numbered.