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A. Skirvin/WarnedEnterruptedUnited StatesMag/Lit
A.R. PenckWas ist Standard (König)1970GermanyMag/Lit
abAna Sextet / abAna TrioAdd to Ealing Arts FestivalUnited KingdomMag/Lit
abAna Sextet / abAna TrioInfo CardUnited KingdomMag/Lit
abAna Sextet / abAna TrioInfo Sheet with photoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
abAna Sextet / abAna TrioLive PhotoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
abAna Sextet / abAna TrioPromo Sheets from 1972United KingdomMag/Lit
Abbildungen VarietéAbbildungen Varieté Manifestacija Delovanja 19831983JugoslawienMag/Lit
Abnorme WahrnehmungsstrukturenPromoGermanyMag/Lit
Absolute Controlled Clinical ManiacsSpecial in Den Allierte Sardin 7BelgiumMag/Lit
Achim WollscheidSelected Works0GermanyMag/Lit
AconiteGillham - some thoughtsUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Acosta BentosMailart enveopeMag/Lit
Adam Clark-WilliamsProgramme Notes (Lobby Press 1978)1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Adelbert Von DeyenSky Records Promo & photosGermanyMag/Lit
Adi Newton23 Art-Collages from late 70'sUnited Kingdompicture
Adi NewtonAdi Newton in front of TG SymbolUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Adi NewtonDrawing for Deep FloorUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Adi NewtonLetter by Andrew RodgersUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Adi NewtonLetter by AURA magazineUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Adi Newtonpostcard by Geoff Rushton of CoilUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Adi NewtonThe Shadow & Its Reflection (with Andrew Darlington)1986United KingdomMag/Lit
Adriano Spatola & Paul VangelistiItalian Poetry 1960-19801982United StatesMag/Lit
Agno Stowitschalles zielt auf einen Punkt (Pa Ra-Bü 4)1977Mag/Lit
AgogSpagyric Letter to Sandy Nijs 1988United KingdomMag/Lit
Aidan SemmensReluctantly wringing the Changes (Lobby Press 1978)1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Ake HodellIdevaer - Kerberos 19631963SwedenMag/Lit
Ake HodellNya Dikter Kerberos1963SwedenMag/Lit
Ake HodellOrderbuch - Raben and Sjoergen1965SwedenMag/Lit
Ake HodellRaben and Sjoegren 19661966SwedenMag/Lit
Al Robertson100 per cent man made fibre Advert0United Kingdompicture
Al RobertsonAl Recording At Home article in Flowmotion No.1 and 20United Kingdompicture
Al RobertsonAl Roberston early Photo0United Kingdompicture
Al RobertsonBackshop Promo Ad0United Kingdompicture
Alain Arias-Missonan Exploration of the "oil-crisis" (Studio Brescia Numero 19)1994ItalyMag/Lit
Alaric SumnerSongs of Nonsense and Experiment (Zimmer Zimmer Press 1977)United KingdomMag/Lit
Alaric Sumner & Richard Tabor Outski kmp k rmroOm (Lobby Press)1979United KingdomMag/Lit
Alberto PimentaCanto NonoItalyMag/Lit
Albrecht/dAbvertising ExpensesGermanyMag/Lit
Albrecht/dAlbrecht D / Reflection Press Info-MapGermanyMag/Lit
Albrecht/dEndless Music Promo / Review Sheet1973GermanyMag/Lit
Albrecht/dPoster Galerie im Zwinger (with Peter Below)1980GermanyPoster
Albrecht/dViolence PermanenteGermanyMag/Lit
Albrecht/d / Joseph Beuysa Concert at the ICA 1.11.1974 Booklet (Reflection Press)1974GermanyMag/Lit
Aleister CrowleyGilles de Rais (The Banned Lecture)United KingdomMag/Lit
Aleister CrowleyLiber Al - The Book of the Law (80th Anniversary Edition)United KingdomMag/Lit
Alex SilberPostcard SetPostcards
Alexander von BorsigPromoGermanyMag/Lit
Algebra SuicideAlgebra Suicide Letter 19861986United Statespicture
Algebra Suicidebooklet to Big Skin (Lydia Tomkiw)United StatesMag/Lit
Algebra SuicideReal Numbers Promo1988United StatesMag/Lit
Alien PlanetscapesAlien Planetscape Cassette Catalogue 1986 and ASTRO News1986United KingdomMag/Lit
Alien PlanetscapesInfosheet / CatalogueUnited StatesMag/Lit
Alien PlanetscapesLive at Alchemical Theater1986United StatesPoster
Alien Planetscapesseveral Promo and InfosheetsUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex Fiend86 the ALbumUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendAlien ENcounterUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendAlien Encounters 1United KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendFiendzine Trick or Treat 1986United KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendThe ALbum 1986 BookletUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendTourposter Biskuithalle Bonn Germany, 17.4.United KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendTrickUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendWhere Monsters DwellUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents Five - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents Four - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents One - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents Seven and Eight - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents Six - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents Three - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherBlood Bone Brain Documents Two - 98 pages on Microfiche (Spanner)1981United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen FisherPostcard Mail Shot 19721972United KingdomMag/Lit
Allen GinsbergImprovisation and Poetik (Apartment Edition)1988GermanyMag/Lit
Allen GinsbergPoesiealbum 127 (Verlag Neues Leben)1978GermanyMag/Lit
Allen GinsbergRiverside Die Poesie des Dharma (Apartment Edition)1988GermanyMag/Lit
Allen GinsbergRiverside Interview (Apartment Edition)1988GermanyMag/Lit
Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlowsky & Steven TaylorGinsberg Back to Wuppertal - Promo Info to Video1983GermanyMag/Lit
Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlowsky & Steven TaylorGinsberg on Tour Video Order-Postcard1983GermanyMag/Lit
AllotropesRough Trade AddUnited KingdomMag/Lit
AluALu Promo Zine 1982GermanyMag/Lit
AluAlu Präsentiert PromoGermanyMag/Lit
AMKHerstens met Horens 1976-19830BelgiumMag/Lit
AmokAmok in Maelzel 3ItalyMag/Lit
Amor Fati / Will to LiveAmor Fati / Will to Live Bulletin IUnited StatesMag/Lit
Amor Fati / Will to LiveAmor Fati / Will to Live Bulletin IIUnited StatesMag/Lit
Amos VogelFilm as a Subversive ArtMag/Lit
AMVKAMVK at Produktion Hair 25 June 19831983United KingdomMag/Lit
AMVKAMVK Hamburg 19811981GermanyMag/Lit
Amy DenioPress MapMag/Lit
André De Saint-ObinPromo photoNetherlandsMag/Lit
Andre ValliasDie VerseMag/Lit
Andrew LloydTwelve Lyrics and Liu (Second Aeon)1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Andrzej Dudek-DürerPerformance poster 21 5 1985 1985PolandPoster
Andrzej Dudek-DürerPerformance Poster CopenhagenPolandMag/Lit
Andrzej Dudek-DürerPosterPolandPoster
Andy ClarkeThe Paradise Valve Lobby Press 19781978United KingdomMag/Lit
Andy WarholCinemaMag/Lit
Angus MacLisePosterUnited StatesMag/Lit
Anna BananaInfo SheetCanadaMag/Lit
Anna BananaMaster of Bananology CertificateCanadaMag/Lit
Anna BananaPhotosCanadaMag/Lit