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G.J. de RookDays In Out ProductionsNetherlandsMag/Lit
Gabor TothNew Strip Object PostcardHungaryMag/Lit
Gabor TothPostcard "This Text has Nothing to do with Concept Art"HungaryMag/Lit
Gabor TothShirt of APROPOS Exhibition1979HungaryMag/Lit
Garbage DisplayPromoGermanyMag/Lit
Gary NumanInto the 80'sMag/Lit
Gary SnyderMyths and Texts (Totem Press)Mag/Lit
Geins't NaitPermis De Construire Promo Letter1990FranceMag/Lit
Gen Ken MontgomeryGen Ken and Equipment AddUnited StatesMag/Lit
Gen Ken Montgomeryoriginal Cover for OEC releaseUnited StatesMag/Lit
Gen Ken MontgomeryPoster Live WBAI 1982United StatesMag/Lit
Gen Ken MontgomerySelected Promo sheets for first two Cassettes1981United StatesMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridge2 Photos Cultural Engineer by Marti Wilkerson 1995. Head and hands. Signed by GP-O. Black and white photograph. 10 x 8 inchesUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeAcetate Transfer PhotoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeAn Introduction to a Ritual Installation (with Andrew Mc Kenzie of Hafler Trio)United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeArticle written for Primary Source on Val Denham (Suburban Relapse)1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeCollage "Pearl Naked"United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeCollage "Pregnant by another Man" for Jonas Almqvist (Leather Nun) 19781978United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridgecontaining 6 photocopies including a 1968 comic strip and the certificate of GP-O’s stock holdings in Industrial Records, most inscribed and signed by GP-OUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeCoum Collage for David MajorUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeCoum Times PhotoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeDer Putsch Flyers signedUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridgeearly Psychic TV LetterUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeEnvelope with ‘Various Childhood & Early School Photos’. 15 colour photocopies. 8.5 x 11 inches each. Most signed and inscribed by GP-OUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGen and Cosey in Whitehouse Special No.3 Vibro Gang BangUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGen in front of TG Stage SymbolUnited Kingdompicture
Genesis P-OrridgeGen in Primary Source Issue 31978United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGen on Blue Mover Show by COsey Funni TuttiUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGen with Andrew McKenzie of Hafler Trio in Karlsruhe 1987United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGen with Klaus MaeckUnited Kingdompicture
Genesis P-OrridgeGen with Paula and Sleazy in London 4th of July 19811981United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P Orridge with John Zewizz and Malcolm SmithUnited StatesMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P-Orridge & Column One Vis Spei. CD and bookletUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis selected Photos (around 20)United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGPO vs GPO Mail Action1976SwitzerlandMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGPO vs. GPO1976United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeHow Letty Found Her Fortune1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeJusqu a la balle crystal (IAC 50)1974GermanyMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeL'ecole de L'art Infantile drawingUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridgeletter to Klaus MaeckUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridgeletter to Paul Burwell about Final AcademyUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeLetters by Gen to Klaus Maeck from 1982/83United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeLiving Instructions for Beck ROadUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeMailart as Genesis Pillow Orridge in Guglielmo Achille Cavellini's "Nemo propheta in patria" Book1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeMissing Angel Mailart Postcard (part of a Set of 48 postcards)1977United StatesMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeMy Teddybear (flyer)United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgePainful but FabulousUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgePhoto Gen Frankfurt train stationUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgePhotosUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgePhotos of Gen in Psychic TV Live at Hammersmith Odeon 19841984United Kingdompicture
Genesis P-OrridgePhotos of Gen in Throbbing Gristle 1980 (at Heaven)1980United Kingdompicture
Genesis P-OrridgePrinted Cover of Conscience Magazine, 1966United Kingdompicture
Genesis P-OrridgeRetrospective at VAV GalleryUnited StatesPoster
Genesis P-OrridgeRock is for ArselickersUnited KingdomPostcards
Genesis P-OrridgeRoyal Order of Banana Funtest1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridgeseveral Gen PhotosUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeShe is Here inside - Poems for thee MajestyUnited StatesMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeSubvers No.7 - the Coum IssueUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeThe Boy Friend Collage1971United KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeThe Boy postcard collageUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeTree CollageUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeVisa Application form for Japan travelUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeZip Zap CollageUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Genesis P-Orridge & Stan BingoPromo to Tape on NekrophileAustriaMag/Lit
George BrechtChange Imagery (A Great Bear Pamphlet)1966Mag/Lit
George BrechtWater Yum1963United KingdomMag/Lit
George Brecht and Stefan WewerkaLetters and Jazz (Edition Hundertmark) United StatesMag/Lit
George MaciunasFlux Paper EventsMag/Lit
Georges de CaninoIl Dio Dell Amore (Tristano)1979ItalyMag/Lit
Georges de CaninoL'amour Absolu (Editions Valori Plastici)1979ItalyMag/Lit
Georges de CaninoLes Simulations en Jaune (Editions Valori Plastici)1978ItalyMag/Lit
Georges de CaninoReparto Comando Valori Plastici1978ItalyMag/Lit
Gerechtigkeits LigaGerechtigkeistliga US-Tour 84 Poster0GermanyMag/Lit
Gerechtigkeits LigaGerechtigkeits Liga release overview0GermanyMag/Lit
Gerechtigkeits LigaOverview of ReleasesGermanyMag/Lit
Gerechtigkeits LigaPostcardUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Gerechtigkeits LigaPromo PosterUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Gerechtigkeits LigaTape OverviewUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Gerhard JaschkeBegehbare Politik Booklet to Exhibition 19901990GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard JaschkeEssensreste der letzten Sternsegler (Experimentelle Texte Nr.191989GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard JaschkeFlugspuren / Skulpturen (Experimentelle Texte Nr.08)1986GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard JaschkeGespräche nicht nur über Baeume (Herbstpresse)1985GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard RühmBücher Bilder Bilder Bücher1976GermanyPoster
Gerhard RühmZeichen-Buch (Hamburger Kunsthalle)1995GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard RühmZeichnungen (Galerie Klewan)1978GermanyMag/Lit
German ShepherdsThe German Shepherds Story1989United StatesMag/Lit
Gertude Steina Book concluding with as a wife has a story (Something Else Press)1973Mag/Lit
Geza PerneczkyMail Art OlympusGermanyMag/Lit
Geza PerneczkyMail-ArtGermanyMag/Lit
Geza PerneczkyRosettes Tilings and Fractals Montage 93 Mail Art ShowUnited StatesMag/Lit
GG AllinLetters and Correspondences1983United StatesMag/Lit
Giancarlo ToniuttiDas Todesantlitz0ItalyMag/Lit
Giancarlo ToniuttiDas Todesantlitz InfoItalyMag/Lit
Giancarlo ToniuttiMetanarkosis Inserts/InfoItalyMag/Lit
Giancarlo ToniuttiWechselwirkung INserts/InfoItalyMag/Lit
Giovanni FontanaTarocco Meccanico (Altri Termini)1990ItalyMag/Lit
Giuseppe CapogrossiKunsthalle Nuernberg 1967ItalyMag/Lit
Glenda GeorgeDissecting the Corpus (Pressed Curtains)1979United KingdomMag/Lit
Glenda GeorgeLanguage Sex (Lobby Press)1980United KingdomMag/Lit
Glenda GeorgeProse Supplement to Split CurtainsUnited KingdomMag/Lit