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Daniel BedracPromo0Mag/Lit
Daniel EmmanuelSunrise Sunset Tape-InfoUnited StatesMag/Lit
Daniele CiulliniLetter to HaufenItalyMag/Lit
Das Synthetische MischgewebeDes Cerides0GermanyMag/Lit
Das Synthetische MischgewebeGemischtes 02/87 The Spinal COlumnMag/Lit
Das Synthetische MischgewebeGemischtes 03/88Mag/Lit
Das Synthetische MischgewebeGemischtes No.1/87Mag/Lit
Das Synthetische MischgewebePostcardJapanMag/Lit
Davi Det HompsonSom people have funny ideas1978United StatesMag/Lit
Davi Det HompsonThere's Music in my Soles1972United StatesMag/Lit
David JackmanPostcardUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David SinfieldDavid Sinfield Interview in Eurock0United StatesMag/Lit
David SinfieldDavid Sinfield Oblique Strategy Ad0United Kingdompicture
David TolleyInformation to Gordon Hope0United KingdomMag/Lit
David ToopBi(S)onics: The Science of Sound Systems Based on Living Things1973United KingdomMag/Lit
David ToopBody Sound SpaceUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David ToopInhalation ExhalationUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David ToopLecturesUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David ToopSongs for Abysal MeditationUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David Toopthe Dissmemberment RoutineUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David Toop / Paul BurwellInfo to Artists for DemocracyUnited KingdomMag/Lit
David UUHigh CCanadaMag/Lit
David UUSound Cycle (Underwhich Editions)1986CanadaMag/Lit
David UU and Joey ZemelLong Violet Pilot Lights (Blewointmentpress)CanadaMag/Lit
David WPamplemmouse (Blewointment Press)CanadaMag/Lit
DDVPerformance Jan 1979 - Jun 19821982NetherlandsMag/Lit
De FabriekCatalogue0United KingdomMag/Lit
Dead Can Dance80's Concert PosterBelgiumMag/Lit
Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance Poster - Live BrusselsBelgiumPoster
Dead KennedysIn God We Trust T-ShirtUnited StatesMag/Lit
Dead KennedysRambozo the Clown T-Shirtpicture
Death in JuneBut what ends when the Symbol Shatter T-ShirtUnited Kingdompicture
Death in JuneHeilige Tod T ShirtUnited Kingdompicture
Death in JuneMisery and Purity0United KingdomMag/Lit
Death in JunePostcardUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Death in JuneT-ShirtUnited Kingdompicture
Deep Freeze MiceIf It's worth DoingMag/Lit
Deep Freeze MiceIf it's Worth Doing, it's worth Overdoing! - Songs and Poems0United KingdomMag/Lit
Depeche ModePhotos by Jonathan Crabb taken at The Bridge House, Canning Town 12.November 19801980United Kingdompicture
Depeche Modevery early live-pictureMag/Lit
der 7. VersuchManifest and promo sheetMag/Lit
Der Lustige MusikantReview in Tüte 3/82GermanyMag/Lit
Desultorische Detonationseveral PromosheetsMag/Lit
Det WiehlPromo and BioNetherlandsMag/Lit
Deviation SocialTen Girls Postcard from the Debths of Deviation SchoolUnited StatesMag/Lit
DevoDevo PostcardUnited StatesMag/Lit
Diamanda GalásThe Shit of God0United KingdomMag/Lit
Dick Higginsa book abozut love and war (Nova Broadcast)1969United StatesMag/Lit
Dick HigginsComputers for the Arts (Abyss Publications)1970United StatesMag/Lit
Dick HigginsDie Fabelhafte Getraeume von Taifun Willi (Abyss Publiscations)1970United StatesMag/Lit
Dick HigginsModular PoemsUnited StatesMag/Lit
Dick HigginsThe Epickall Quest of the Brothers Dichtung (Printed Editions)1978United StatesMag/Lit
Dick Higgins and Bern PorterCIty with all the Angles (Unpublished Ediitions)1974Mag/Lit
Die FormThe Visionary Garden0GermanyMag/Lit
Die RadiererAngriff aufs Schlaraffenland0GermanyMag/Lit
Die RadiererBatschkapp Poster and StickerGermanyMag/Lit
Die RadiererDie Kunst ist wieder Lustig (Lyric-booklet)Mag/Lit
Die RadiererLive Exxess 2.Oktober 19801980GermanyMag/Lit
Die RadiererPoster Live Exxcess 2.Oktober 19801980GermanyMag/Lit
Die RadiererRadierer Poster0GermanyPoster
Die Todschicke WutPromoGermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisDer Falsche Documenta Katalog0GermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisDie Gesamtheit allen lebens0GermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisDie Tödliche Doris Postcard 1986GermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisGeniale Dilletanten0GermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisNahrungszubereitung für den Hungernden0GermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisPhotos from Concert Berlin, SO36, 1982GermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisPromo-PhotoGermanyMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisSchmeiss die Krücken WegGermanyPoster
Die Tödliche DorisSchmeiß die Krücken weg0GermanyPoster
Die Tödliche DorisWie geht es dir jetzt?0GermanyPoster
Die Tödliche DorisWie geht es dir jetzt? (Framed)GermanyPoster
Die Toten HosenPoster 7-5-83GermanyMag/Lit
Die Toten HosenPromoletter 1983 for Malice Mag USAGermanyMag/Lit
Die WeltraumforscherPromo-SheetSwitzerlandMag/Lit
Die Weltraumforscherseveral PromosheetsSwitzerlandMag/Lit
Die WerkpilotenIR 005 Promo SheetsGermanyMag/Lit
Die WerkpilotenWerkpiloten Postcard-Set of 4 Postcards in clear bag1983GermanyMag/Lit
Dieter RothDimensionales Ausstellungskatalog Bonner Kunstverein 19831983GermanyMag/Lit
Dieter RothEinfuehrung in Werk und Schaffen (Deutsche Bank)1991GermanyMag/Lit
Different KlonsTape and Record Overview0GermanyMag/Lit
Diseño CorbusierFerfido Encanto Postcard and Letter to Graf HaufenSpainMag/Lit
Diseño CorbusierInfosheetSpainMag/Lit
Dmitri Prigowfuenfzig Blutstropefchen die tollen heft (Maro Verlag)1993GermanyMag/Lit
Doc Wör MirranDead Guerillas of Belfast0GermanyMag/Lit
Doc Wör MirranDouble Penis InflictionMag/Lit
Doc Wör MirranInsanity Twirls No.3GermanyMag/Lit
Doc Wör MirranJelly from above1985Mag/Lit
Doc Wör MirranSexfishMag/Lit
DokumentHandwritten Bio by John ZewizzUnited StatesMag/Lit
DokumentMalcolm Smith with John Zewizz PhotosUnited Statespicture
Dom Sylvester Houedard12 dancepoems from the cosmic Typewriter (Aplomp Zero No.1)1969Mag/Lit
Dom Sylvester HouedardBegin again a book of reflections (Lyc Publications no1)United KingdomMag/Lit
Dom Sylvester Houedardlike contemplation (Writers Forum)Mag/Lit
Dominik SteigerAmateurprobleme der Lebensueberlegung (Seedorn Verlag / Buchdienst Fesch)1980Mag/Lit
Dominik SteigerMein Fortdeutsch (Edition Hundertmark)1978GermanyMag/Lit
Dominik SteigerSenza Tanto Gedichte (Seedorn Verlag / Buchdiesnt Fesch)1979SwitzerlandMag/Lit
Don SlepianDon Slepian "Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle Tape Program Info1978United StatesMag/Lit
DreidimensionalPromo to Vier Männer TapeGermanyMag/Lit