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J.A.J. EntrepriseHouse Music 1990FranceMag/Lit
J.H. KocmanThis Artwork is dedicated toMag/Lit
J.P. Wardfrom Alphabet to Logos (Second Aeon folder series no 2)United KingdomMag/Lit
Jack KerouacOld Angel Midnight booklegger (Albion)United StatesMag/Lit
Jack MarlowSelected Artwork IMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low21 matched Asymetries (Aloes Books)1978United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low22 Light Poems (Black Sparrow Press) 1968United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low36th Light Poem (Permanent Press) 1975United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low4 Trains (Burning Deck Providence) 1974United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowAugust Light Poems (Caterpillar 9) 19671967United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowLight Poem for Larry Eigner (Tetrad Press) 19691969United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowMilarepa Gatha1976United StatesPoster
Jackson Mac LowPhone (Printed Editions / Kontext Publications)1979United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowThe Pronouns (Station Hill)1979United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowThe Pronouns - a collection of 40 dances1964United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowThe Tiwn Plays (Great Baer Pamphlet) 1966United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Lowthe Virginia Woolf Poems (Burning Deck) 1984United StatesMag/Lit
Jacques DonguayLe Geste a la Parole (Thierry Agullo) 1981FranceMag/Lit
Janos UrbanPoiesis (ARGO)SwitzerlandMag/Lit
Jarl Hammarberg-AkessonPoems without Words1971SwedenMag/Lit
Jaroslav SupekFirst Presentation Of Mail Art In USSR?JugoslawienMag/Lit
Jean-Paul Curtay6 Page BioFranceMag/Lit
Jean-Paul CurtayBalzacbach (Poster)FrancePoster
Jean-Paul CurtayGicopu (poster)FranceMag/Lit
Jean-Paul CurtayHypergraphie no.31969FranceMag/Lit
Jean-Paul CurtayLa Poesie Lettriste (Seghers) 1974FranceMag/Lit
Jean-Paul CurtayLettrisme et Hypergraphie (Editions George Fall)FranceMag/Lit
Jean-Paul CurtayPerspectives (Studio M Bamberg) 1976GermanyMag/Lit
Jean-Paul CurtayPoesie Corporelle (Lucarini Editore) 1982ItalyMag/Lit
Jean-Pierre EspilArtwork1984Francepicture
Jean-Pierre EspilArtwork "Lune Noire et Blanche Lune" 1984Francepicture
Jeff GreinkeStill Life in Fremont PosterUnited StatesPoster
Jeff LaryngoBandage1986FranceMag/Lit
Jeff LaryngoCoup d'rein1986FranceMag/Lit
Jeff LaryngoCul-bulles1986FranceMag/Lit
Jeff LaryngoFloue my Dear1986FranceMag/Lit
Jennifer CobbingA Number of Progression (Writers Forum Folder 8)United KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerAlphabox (plus individual letters)United KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerColour TarorUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerEven in April Ferrara and Liberty (Lobby Press) 19781978United KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerJubilee (Fachhochschule Aachen) 1979United KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerPutting the Pages (Fetish Books)1980United KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerSix Visual Sonnets (Alphabox No9)United KingdomMag/Lit
Jeremy AdlerThe Little Furitgum Memory Book (Writers Forum) 1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Jerome RothenbergBetween 1960 1963 (Fulcrum Press London) 1967United KingdomMag/Lit
Jerome RothenbergEster K. comes to America (Unicorn Press) 1974United StatesMag/Lit
Jerome RothenbergGematria 27United StatesMag/Lit
Jerome RothenbergThe Notebooks (Membrane Press)1976United StatesMag/Lit
Jesse GlassAgainst the Agony of Matter (Ahadada Books) 1999United StatesMag/Lit
JGJGJGJG (= Cris Cheek, Lawrence Upton, P.C Fencott)early info.BookletUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Jim RaddatzInfo SheetsMag/Lit
Jiri KolarHinauf und Hinunter (Verlagshaus Bong und Co) 19691969Mag/Lit
Jiri Valoch12 exercises 2tes Heft (Edition Hundertmark) 1976Czech RepublicMag/Lit
Jiri Valoch7 Sound-Poems 1967-1974Czech RepublicMag/Lit
Jiri ValochGA (Writers Forum Fives Number One)1971Czech RepublicMag/Lit
Jiri ValochHaiku (Underwhich Editions) 1983CanadaMag/Lit
Jiri ValochKyticka2004Czech RepublicMag/Lit
Jiri ValochNine Optical Poems (Writers Forum folder number three)1967United KingdomMag/Lit
Jiri ValochSemiotic Poems (Writers Forum 262)1980United KingdomMag/Lit
Jiri Valoch and BpNicholThe Pipe Recent Czech Concrete Poetry (Coach House Press / Gronk Series 6)1973CanadaMag/Lit
Jochen GerzBurials (Edition Howeg)GermanyMag/Lit
Jochen GerzFooting (Anabas Verlag)1969GermanyMag/Lit
Joe JonesFive Bells1982GermanyMag/Lit
Joe JonesMusic Book1985GermanyMag/Lit
Joe JonesMusic Machines from the sixties (Rainer Verlag)1990GermanyMag/Lit
Jörg FauserAqualunge (Verlag Udo Breger) 19711971Mag/Lit
John Appleton21st Century Musical Instruments: Hardware and SoftwareMag/Lit
John BenderJohn Bender i dont remember now insert0United StatesMag/Lit
John CageAnarchic Harmony (Festival Frankfurt)1992GermanyMag/Lit
John CageDiary (Great Bear Pamphlet)1967United StatesMag/Lit
John CageDie Musik ist los0GermanyMag/Lit
John CageEmpty Words (Part III) Cramps Records ?76 page Booklet with 3CD's1990ItalyMag/Lit
John CageI-VI (Harvard Press book) inc. 2 tapes1989GermanyMag/Lit
John CageJohn Cage (Peters, Frankfurt)GermanyMag/Lit
John CageJohn Cage at Städtische Galerie Erlangen1991GermanyPoster
John CageJohn Cage und die Moderne Kunst als Grenzbveschreitung 19911991GermanyPoster
John CageKonzert Gespräch Film (Festival Erlangen 1990)1990GermanyMag/Lit
John CageKunst als Grenzbeschreitung Poster1991GermanyPoster
John CageNotationsGermanyMag/Lit
John CagePrepared Box for John CageUnited StatesMag/Lit
John CagePromo to Edition Michael Frauenlob Bauer 2Lp-ReleaseGermanyMag/Lit
John CageRoaratorio (Athanäum Verlag)1982GermanyMag/Lit
John Cage / David TudorProgramme doe Royal Albert Hall COncert 22 May 19721972United StatesMag/Lit
John ClareKed UpMag/Lit
John CurryThese (Underwhich Editions)1981CanadaMag/Lit
John Di StefanoDrift (by Klang) Tape InfoUnited StatesMag/Lit
John Di StefanoReview SheetUnited StatesMag/Lit
John DuncanJohn Duncan Brief Introduction to selected work 1976-891989NetherlandsMag/Lit
John DuncanJohn DUncan in Grok MagUnited StatesMag/Lit
John Furnival(design for) poor old tired horse 19United KingdomMag/Lit
John GiornoPoems (Mother Press) 19761976United StatesMag/Lit
John GiornoPoster "Demons Dans Les Details (pour William S. Burroughs, ALlen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin et Quelques AutresUnited StatesMag/Lit
John GiornoRasberry ManuscriptUnited StatesMag/Lit
John GiornoShit Piss Blood Pus and Brains (Painted Bridge Quarterly Press) 19771977United StatesMag/Lit
John HudakBiographyUnited StatesMag/Lit
John J SharkeyLove Chants (Writers Forum Fives Number Five) 19741974United KingdomMag/Lit
John LathamLisson Gallery 1970Mag/Lit
John M Armleder / Patrick Lux Luchini / Claude Rych Rychner3 x (2 x 1) - Leathern Wing Scribble Press Vol. XXX No.91979SwitzerlandMag/Lit
John Peter WIlkinStedelijk 1983Mag/Lit
John Riddella Game of Cards (Underwhich Editions) 1985CanadaMag/Lit