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p v Fogliai and Lora-Totinopresentano il Liquimofono congegno generatore di musica liquida e la poesia liquida inflessioni tuffate nell'idromegafono1968ItalyMag/Lit
P.C. FencottA Diagram An IntroductionUnited KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottA Edge Poem for Croyden1979United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottAmi on my feetUnited KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottCafe Boogie (Good Elf Publications)United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottEdge1979United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottS.M.L.O.E. (EL UEL EUL U Publications)United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottThe Autobiographies of Dick Turpin (Lobby Press)1979United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottThe Legends of Jack o Kent (GrOnk Intermediate Series)1978United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottThe Spiral Door StopUnited KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. FencottTodelling up the Canyon (Writers Fourm)1977United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. Fencott / Cris CheekChecott and Feek 1011976United KingdomMag/Lit
P.C. Fencott / Cris CheekDomino SectionUnited KingdomMag/Lit
P1/EP1/E Mania D Liebesgier Übergangslösung Live 19791979GermanyMag/Lit
P1/EPoster Live Exxcess 7 8 19801980GermanyMag/Lit
P16.D4 & Swimming Behavior Of The Human InfantPoster to SLP11GermanyPoster
P16.D4 & Swimming Behavior Of The Human InfantPromo Poster to Split Lp on Selektion1983GermanyMag/Lit
Pacific 231Pacific 231 Promo PostcardFranceMag/Lit
Pacific 231same0FranceMag/Lit
Pascal ComeladeComelade Booklet0FranceMag/Lit
Pascal ComeladePhoto 1983 with Cathy Claret1983FranceMag/Lit
Paul Armand GetteAlnus GlutinosaMag/Lit
Paul BrownThese are also Wings1972Mag/Lit
Paul BuckErotic Reversal (Tapocketa Press) 1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BuckStudies towards a Portrait (Lobby Press) 1978United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BuckTide of Availability (Pressed Curtains performance series)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul Buck / Ulli McCarthyThe Table (Pressed Curtains)1977United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BurwellAn evening of mass percussion posterUnited KingdomPoster
Paul BurwellInformation Sheets 1974United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BurwellMusical InstrumentsUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BurwellPaul Burwell - Paths into the Forest1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BurwellPaul Burwell Suttle Sculpture1974United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul BurwellPhotos Paul Burwell with CribbsUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Paul Burwellselected Info-Sheets and moreUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Paul Burwellselected photosUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Paul de VreeContestical Mill (Edizione Amadulo)1970ItalyMag/Lit
Paul de VreeNaar Het Ende (De Schutting Pers Hiversum)1979NetherlandsMag/Lit
Paul de VreePoezie in FusieMag/Lit
Paul DuttonPartial Aditivies (Writers Forum)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul DuttonPlastic Tywriter (Underwhich Editions)1994CanadaMag/Lit
Paul DuttonRead Write Create 20CanadaMag/Lit
Paul DuttonSpokesheards (with Sandra Braman) Longspoon Press1983CanadaMag/Lit
Paul KeldayEarly Cassette OverviewUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Paul KeldayTape Overview (Gerechtigkeit Liga and more)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul MatthewsFootnotes (Writers Forum)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paul VangelistiAnother You (The Red Hill Press)1980United StatesMag/Lit
Paula ClaireCodesigns (Writers Forum)1976United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireGingle (Writers Forum)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireMobile Poems (Truex Press Oxford) 1968United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireMy Sound and Visual Poetry (Poetry Archive Oxford)1998United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireNiagar (Writers Forum)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireSIgn if I can (Writers Forum)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireSilverbirchmorse (Writers Forum)1979United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireSoundword (Writers Forum Folder 12)1972United KingdomMag/Lit
Paula ClaireStone Tones (Writers Forum Folder 15)United KingdomMag/Lit
Paulo BrusckyMail-Art LettersBrazilMag/Lit
Pawel PetaszWystawa Sztuka Mail Art PosterPolandMag/Lit
PBKPromo InformationCanadaMag/Lit
Pedro BericatInfo-MapMag/Lit
Pedro Juan GutierrezPoesia Graficada (La realidad Rugiendo)1987Mag/Lit
Pedro XistaToronto Pomes (Ganglia Press Gronk Series 8 no. 6)1968Mag/Lit
Pension StammheimPromo Postcards and PhotosGermanyMag/Lit
Pension StammheimPromo-Photos, Postcards and PosterGermanyMag/Lit
Pere UbuPere Ubu and Palais Schaumburg presented by Rip Off GermanyPoster
Pete LawrenceLetter to Adi NewtonMag/Lit
Peter BelowInstant Media Instant EgoGermanyMag/Lit
Peter ChristophersonPhotoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchAn Alteration in the way I breath quickest (Way Out Publications)1971United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchAntarktika (Writers Forum Fives Number three)1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchBlats (Second Aeon)1972United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchOverview poetry by Peter FinchUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Peter Finchpromo to Big Band Dance MusicUnited Kingdompicture
Peter FinchRecent Visual Poetry selected by Peter FinchUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchSome Music and a little War (Rivelin Grapheme Press)1984United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchTypewriter Poems (Second Aeon / Something Else Press)1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchWhitesung (Aquila Publishing) signed lmtd.251972United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FrankDokumentext (Something Else Press)1983Mag/Lit
Peter FrohmaderPeter Frohmader Interview in EUROCK0GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufAllrap (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1987GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufCimaere 11 (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1995GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufDie Energien Pump (vnf)GermanyMag/Lit
Peter Huckaufdie Zeilung Schenutanz (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1977GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufFertigteile (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1977GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufFloß und Wüstung (Gertraud Scholz Verlag)1991GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufFruehes aus Ückendorf (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1981GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufKarge Tage (Blaeschke Verlag)1973GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufLisch Aue (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1985GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufOase Ruine Gedichte (Selbstverlag)1976GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufRosstaeuscherschicksal (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1994GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufSchwarze Elster (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1980GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufUnterschlupf für Schmetterlinge (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1978GermanyMag/Lit
Peter HuckaufVers Tand (Verlag Neue Freiheit)1994GermanyMag/Lit
Peter KaminskiletterUnited StatesMag/Lit
Peter KaminskiSynthesis InfoUnited StatesMag/Lit
Peter Mayerdo not enter box1967Mag/Lit
Peter R. MeyerAUDIO - Malmo Konsthall Dec.1983-Jan 19841983SwedenMag/Lit
Peter R. MeyerAUDIO Moderna Museet 19831983Mag/Lit
Peter R. MeyerEktoplasma Booklet - an audio-phonic search for truth in the hidden roots of the egoMag/Lit
Peter R. MeyerNight Excercise Video bookletMag/Lit