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Throbbing Gristle´Ticket for Centro Iberico gig 21st January 1979. 110 x 57 mm1979United KingdomMag/Lit
Throbbing Gristle‘Weeping’ Lyrics by Throbbing Gristle 1978. A4 Vintage photocopy, age related tanning and couple of small rust marks on verso. 1978United Kingdompicture
Coum Transmissions‘E HATE COUM’ publicity card,1974United KingdomPostcards
Coum Transmissions‘COUM are KINKY!!’ Poster1970United KingdomPoster
CoilZürich 2002, photos by Daniel Straub und Isa IllekUnited Kingdompicture
Bill GriffithsZwei Preislieder (Pirate Press)United KingdomMag/Lit
Faecke and Wolf VostellZwei Buchschrauben (Hermann Luchterhand Verlag)Mag/Lit
Zoviet France / Randy GreifZoviet France with Randy Greif at Al's Bar Los Angeles FlyerUnited StatesMag/Lit
ZimtZimt Promo-MapGermanyMag/Lit
Günter BrusZerreisprobe Advertisement (Edition Hundertmark, 34. Karton)1970GermanyMag/Lit
Simon ParrittZeotrope1974Mag/Lit
VariousZensor Monogam Konzerte präsentiert: Section 25, Duruti Culumn, A Certain Ratio, Creation Rebel live SO361982GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard RühmZeichnungen (Galerie Klewan)1978GermanyMag/Lit
Gerhard RühmZeichen-Buch (Hamburger Kunsthalle)1995GermanyMag/Lit
Hansjörg ZaunerZeichen Schmelzen Sinn (Gertraud Scholz Verlag)1990GermanyMag/Lit
Valeri ScherstjanoiZaoum - Schriften (Experimentelle Texte Nr.03)1985GermanyMag/Lit
Ulli McCarthyYour Face - Writers Forum / Quartro 6United KingdomMag/Lit
bpNicholYou too Nicky 1989CanadaMag/Lit
Years On EarthYears on Earth in Music for Midget catalogue0United KingdomMag/Lit
Yaacov AgamYaacov Agam (editions du Griffon)1962SwitzerlandMag/Lit
Arrigo Lora-TotinoY (Dismisuratesti 09)1983ItalyMag/Lit
Cosey Fanni TuttixxxxUnited KingdomMag/Lit
XX Century ZorroXX Century Zorro Postcard to La VolpeItalyMag/Lit
Richard Taborxpls x eleven miniature sketches KMP K!1979United KingdomMag/Lit
Fitzgerald KuszWunschkonzert (Maro Verlag)1970GermanyMag/Lit
Bill BissettWuns I saw it raining (curvd h and z 136)1982CanadaMag/Lit
Wunderlich AusgangWunderlich Ausgang Dyadique Promo Sheet1991FranceMag/Lit
Lawrence UptonWrecks round the isles of scilly (third version)United KingdomMag/Lit
Coum TransmissionsWreckers of Civilisation Invitation Card for Book by Simon FordUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Throbbing GristleWreckers of Civilisation0United KingdomMag/Lit
Current 93World Serpent Tourposter 1991 with Death in June and Sol Invictus1991United KingdomMag/Lit
Kenneth GaburoWorks of Kenneth Gaburo (Lingua Press) Collection One1975United StatesMag/Lit
Richard KostelanetzWordsand (Simon Fraser Gallery)1978United StatesMag/Lit
Robert I GillhamWords on Paper - Complete Poems Vol.1 (Monkshood Publications)1982United Kingdom
Robert I GillhamWords on PaperUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Laurie AndersonWords in Reverse (Top Stories no.2)1979United StatesMag/Lit
Chris MannWord for word (Christine, New York)1983United StatesMag/Lit
Stefan ThemersonWooff Wooff (Gabberbocchus) 1967 reprint1967Mag/Lit
Criton TomazosWizhuhu cries mice up in nests (Writers Forum no 99)1973United KingdomMag/Lit
Chris CarterWith Compliments Letter by Chris Carter to David MinshallUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Ernst JandlWischen Moechten (LCB Editionen)1973GermanyMag/Lit
VariousWir spielen bis uns der Tod holt0GermanyMag/Lit
Rudolphs RacheWir Rasieren Uns PromoGermanyMag/Lit
Coum TransmissionsWinston Spencer Churchill supergroup event 19731973United KingdomPoster
Bob CobbingWindwound1977United KingdomMag/Lit
Lawrence WeinerWind and the Willows - Exhibition 19961996NetherlandsMag/Lit
Willem De RidderWillem De Ridder BookletNetherlandsMag/Lit
Robert I GillhamWile it Conradviedts Moustache InfoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Die Tödliche DorisWie geht es dir jetzt? (Framed)GermanyPoster
Die Tödliche DorisWie geht es dir jetzt?0GermanyPoster
Bob CobbingWhy Shivas has ten arms (Writers Forum)1969United KingdomMag/Lit
Peter FinchWhitesung (Aquila Publishing) signed lmtd.251972United KingdomMag/Lit
WhitehouseWhitehouse USA 1983 official Tour Information1983United KingdomPoster
WhitehouseWhitehouse Newsletter January 1994 Volume 2 Issue 1 and Feb March 1996 Volume 4 Issue 11994United KingdomMag/Lit
Bill GriffithsWhitechapel Brighton Contemporary Arts Festival 19771977United KingdomMag/Lit
Clock DVAWhite Souls 78/79 PromoUnited KingdomMag/Lit
VariousWhite Paper1985United KingdomMag/Lit
Steven SmithWhite Cycles (Kontakte Series 1 Vol. 4) 19771977United StatesMag/Lit
Bob CobbingWhisper Piece No4 Whississippi (Writers Forum Stockholm)1969United KingdomMag/Lit
Cosmic DebrisWhile you are asleep PromoUnited StatesMag/Lit
Alien Sex FiendWhere Monsters DwellUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Cris Cheek and Kirby Malone and Marshall ReeseWhat means "of Production"Mag/Lit
Coum TransmissionsWhat has COUM to mean bookletUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Bill BissettWhat (Blewointmentpress 1974)1974CanadaMag/Lit
Die WerkpilotenWerkpiloten Postcard-Set of 4 Postcards in clear bag1983GermanyMag/Lit
Joseph BeuysWerken in Het Fluxus-Archief0GermanyMag/Lit
Joseph BeuysWerkenMag/Lit
Hartmut GeerkenWeisenspiel PartiturGermanyMag/Lit
Giancarlo ToniuttiWechselwirkung INserts/InfoItalyMag/Lit
Clock DVAWe Cast Tall Shows (unreleased Lp-Prototype)United KingdomMag/Lit
Front 242Wax Trax Presents Promo-Poster1984United StatesPoster
Chris CarterWaveforms Poster1975United KingdomMag/Lit
George BrechtWater Yum1963United KingdomMag/Lit
A.R. PenckWas ist Standard (König)1970GermanyMag/Lit
Bill GriffithsWar W Windsor (Writers Forum / Pirate Press)United KingdomMag/Lit
Throbbing GristleWalter Hartmann Archiv picturesUnited KingdomMag/Lit
ChelseaWaging their own WarUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Robert I GillhamVree 33 - If you don't like it wipe it ReviewUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Vox Populi!Vox Populi Overviews and PromosheetsUnited KingdomMag/Lit
Bob CobbingVowels and Consequences (Galloping Dog Press)1985United KingdomMag/Lit
Ernest RobsonVowel and Diphthong Tones (Primary Press)1977United StatesMag/Lit
Psychic TVVouchers to Live recordings0United KingdomMag/Lit
Lawrence UptonVortex 5United KingdomMag/Lit
Hansjörg ZaunerVorbei Gewortet Apparat (Mohs)GermanyMag/Lit
Michael McClurevom Proteingral das Rare Angel Exzerpt (Verlag Altaquito) 19861986GermanyMag/Lit
Bob CobbingVoicings (Writers Forum)1980United KingdomMag/Lit
Bob CobbingVoice Prints (Writers Forum)1977United KingdomMag/Lit
Bob CobbingVoice Prints (New River Project Vol13)1993United KingdomMag/Lit
Current 93VOD Longsleeve ShirtUnited Kingdompicture
Larry Wendt / Stephen RuppenthalVocable Gestures: A Hitorical Survey of Sound PoetryUnited StatesMag/Lit
Vladan RadovanovicVladan Radovanovic "Becoming" Tape-Promo (Guy Schraenen Editeur)NetherlandsMag/Lit
Psychic TVVittore Baroni: PSYCHIC TV – Genesis P - Orridge: A COUMprehensive Collection Ov Lyrics 1981-901990ItalyMag/Lit
Psychic TVVittore Baroni: Born To Relics (Near the Edge Editions, Viareggio, Italy 2011)ItalyMag/Lit
VariousVisuelle Poesie Ausstellungsposter 1988 Berlin1988GermanyMag/Lit
Fernando AguiarVisuelle Poesie aus Portugal (Experimentelle Texte Nr.22)1990GermanyMag/Lit
Siegfried J SchmidtVisuelle Poesie - AVA Manifest 1 (Aterlier Verlag Andernach) 19701970GermanyMag/Lit
Luciano CarusoVisuale Futurista (Visual Arts Center) with Martini PoesiaItalyMag/Lit
Clemente PadinVisual Poems 1968-1970Mag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeVisa Application form for Japan travelUnited KingdomMag/Lit