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Legendary Pink Dots

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: An Anglo-Dutch group exploring a number of stylings, ranging from the industrial avant-garde of rock music, through ambient music, new wave, psychedelic rock to synthesizer pop. The core members ever since the inception in 1980 were Edward “KA-SPEL” SHARP (b. 1954) and Phil “The SILVERMAN/PHIL HARMONIX” KNIGHT (b. 1954). Initially inspired by the works of The RESIDENTS and TUXEDOMOON, they went on to produce lengthy, trancey compositions following a formula of psychedelic improvi- sation, which combined the sound of acoustic instruments with electro- nics and oneiric vocals. The chief source of inspiration became the avant- garde rock of the late 1960s and early 1970s, especially krautrock. Literarily accomplished, the lyrics revolve around escaping from reality into dreams, narcotic visions, childhood recollections, fairy-tale, as well 39 as with destructiveness of one’s loneliness in the contemporary, soulless and technology-pervaded world. Alongside their careers in the band, both SHARP and KNIGHT have been operating their solo projects and have been involved in a number of other experimental post-industrial projects, e.g. The TEAR GARDEN or MIMIR. Selected discography: Chemical Playschool 1 & 2 (Mirrordot 1981) 2 x tape Atomic Roses (Beta-lactam Ring Records 1982) LP Brighter Now (Terminal Kaleidoscope 1982) CD Basilisk (Beta-lactam Ring Records 1983) CD The Lovers (Play It Again Sam Records 1984) CD split with ATTRITION The Terminal Kaleidoscope (Me?canique Populaire 1985) CD Island Of Jewels (Play It Again Sam Records 1986) CD Any Day Now (Play It Again Sam Records 1987) CD as The TEAR GARDEN Tired Eyes Slowly Burning (Nettwerk 1987) CD The Golden Age (Play It Again Sam Records 1988) CD Traumstadt IV (Mirrordot 1989) tape