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Chemical Playschool Volumes III / IV

Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: In Phaze Records /Mirrordot
Format: Tape-2
A1 The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes  
A2 The Top  
A3 Neon Gladiators  
A4 Obsession  
A5 Waiting Game  
A6 Ego Tripper  
A7 Malhazka  
A8 Curse - The Sequel  
A9 She Said...  
B1 Film Of The Book  
B2 Tower I  
B3 Lullabies For CHarles' Brother  
B4 Collapse  
B5 Tower 2  
B6 Glad He Ate Her...  
B7 Barbed Orbituary  
B8 Tower 3  
B9 Expresso Curfew  
B10 Tower 4 (Surprise!Surprise!)  
B11 The Bride Wore Green  
C1 When The Clock Strikes 13  
C2 Just Passing Over, Lovey...  
C3 Premonition I0  
D1 Grind  
D2 Choke  
D3 The Plasma Twins  
D4 Apocalypse Soon  
D5 Apocalypse Gone  
D6 Cherry Lipstick  
D7 It's Raining...Again  
D8 The Glory, The Glory  
Collaboration-Release between LPD's Mirrordöt and In Phaze Tapes/Records.
Lmtd 83 copies