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Traumstadt 1

Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No: Jar Music
Format: Tape
Spezification: reissue, numbered
  Atomic Roses
A1 Of All The Girls...  
A2 What's Next?  
A3 Playschool  
A4 Sex  
A5 Closet Kings  
A6 Spiritus  
A7 Hauptbahnhof  
A8 The Wrong Impedence  
A9 Passing Thought  
A10 Atomic Roses #1  
A11 Ideal Home  
A12 Atomic Roses #2  
B1 God Speed  
B2 Pay To Be Alone  
B3 Spontaneous Human Combustion  
B4 The Blessing  
B5 I'm In The Drill  
B6 Powder Crowd  
B7 Strichnene Chaser  
B8 Alive !  
B9 Believe !  
B10 The Plague  
B11 Premonition 3  
  Bonus Tracks
B12 Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain  
B13 I Dream Of Jeannie  
  • Artwork [Cover Art] – Elke*
Numbered and limited edition of 50 copies.

Comes in A5 plastic bag.

Tracks A1 to A12 were originally released as Atomic Roses on Illusion Production in 1982.
Tracks B1 to B11 were originally released as Apparition on Ding Dong In 1982.
Track B12 was originally released on the compilation Rising From The Red Sand (Volume Three) in 1982.
Track B13 was originally released on the compilation Turkish Delight in 1982.