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Chemical Playschool 1 & 2

Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Mirrordot
Catalog No: Mirrordot 02/03
Format: Tape
A1 Defeated 2:32
A2 Voices 4:29
A3 Ideal Home 3:58
A4 Black Highway 4:57
A5 Soma Bath 3:37
A6 Dolls' House 6:58
A7 Louder After Six 1 4:43
A8 Stand Firm, Damien 0:49
A9 Phallus Dei 3:14
A10 Playschool 1:44
A11 Dying For The Emperor 7:00
B1 Peace Krime 1 4:20
B2 Brighter Now 5:08
B3 Peace Krime 2 2:39
B4 Mpnmep Ctpaha 2:36
B5 Apocalypse Then 4:04
B6 Professional 3:30
B7 Donna's Blitzed Again 2:57
B8 Brill 5:50
B9 War Krime 0:43
B10 Break Day 3:36
B11 Shit, It's Raining 8:24
C1 City Ghosts 4:16
C2 Onward 3:28
C3 Legacy 3:57
C4 One For The Pearl Moon 5:38
C5 Sensory Deprivation 4:04
C6 Temper Temper 3:54
C7 Amphitheatre Stomp 1:43
C8 Misfortunes 2:35
C9 Red Castles 4:52
C10 Hanging Gardens 4:34
C11 Redeemed 2:06
C12 Before The End 3:42
D1 Waiting For The Call - You 'n' Me 5:01
D2 Amphitheatre 5:04
D3 Frosty 4:44
D4 That's My Boy 6:01
D5 The Wedding 3:39
D6 Stars On Sunday 11:23
D7 Caligula 3:36
D8 Moaners 0:59
D9 Passover 5:11
First edition of which only 24 copies were made. Each came in unique handmade / hand drawn sleeves.

Many of the track names appear as variations or entirely different names on other editions of Chemical Playschool and other releases. According to the 'Chemical Playschool 1+2' entry in the Brainwashed Dotsography: "Despite the two different track listings, the material is the same on all editions - according to Edward, 'some titles were forgotten and renamed'."

The following differences can be observed on subsequent editions:

A7 and A8 appear later together as "Louder After Six"
A10 appears later mistitled as "Stand Firm, Damien"
B4 appears later misspelled as "Mpnmep Cptaha"
B5 appears later as "Apocalypse Now"
B9 appears later as "Witch Hunt"
B11 appears later as "Break Down"
C4 appears later as "For the Pearl Moon"
C7 appears later as "Amphitheatre Shuffle"
C8 appears later as "Misfortune"
C11 appears later as "detaefeD"
D2 appears later as "Amphitheatre 1"
D4 appears later as "Another Kind of Violence"
D6 appears later misspelled as "Starch on Sunday"
D8 and D9 appear later together as "Fin"