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Live at Leeds 8.9.79 / Live at Clarendon / KJFC Int

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
    Leeds Futurama Festival 8.9.79
A1     Kirlian Photograph    
A2     Nag Nag Nag    
A3     Capsules    
A4     Expect Nothing    
A5     The Set-Up    
A6     On Every Other Street    
A7     Here She Comes Now    
A8     Havoc    
A9     No Escape    
    London Clarendon Hotel 26.09.80
B1     Untitled    
B2     On Every Other Street    
B3     Kneel To The Boss    
B4     This Is Entertainment    
B5     Seconds Too Late    
B6     Obsession    
B7     KJFC Los Attos 26.10.80    
B8     BBC Radio 1 07.12.81