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Beat Rail

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1     Counter Reaction     1:29
A2     Capsules     5:39
A3     Makes Your Mouth Go Funny     4:43
A4     Dream Sequence 3     6:02
A5     Do The Snake     6:48
A6     Stolen From Spectra     4:02
B1     Fade Crisis     2:52
B2     Venusian Animals     5:22
B3     Is That Me (Finding Someone At The Door Again?)     5:47
B4     In Quest Of The Unusual     3:01
B5     Slo Change     4:25
B6     Outer Limits     8:28
Bootleg copy of the first Cabaret Voltaire recording "Limited Edition" (1976).
Based on comparisons with "Methodology", "1974-76" and "The Outer Limits", the following corrections were made:
Track A1 was originally untitled
Track A3 was wrongly titled "Fuse Mountain"
Track A4 was wrongly titled "Dream Sequence 1 & 2"
Track A6 was originally titled "Shadows"
Track B1 was wrongly titled "Dream Sequence 3"
Track B4 was originally titled "One Track"
Track B5 was originally titled "Other Track"