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Outer Limits

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire

Year: 1976
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape

A1     Capsules     7:29
A2     Is That Me (Finding Someone At The Door Again?)     4:48
A3     The Single     3:30
A4     Ooraseal     4:22
A5     Loves In Vein     4:30
A6     Dream Sequence 1     2:56
B1     Dream Sequence 2     3:42
B2     Do The Snake     5:59
B3     A Sunday Night In Biot     3:26
B4     She Loves You     8:44
B5     Stolen From Spectra     4:09
B6     Bedtime Stories     6:33
These recordings were demos. An official demo tape with the same tracks called "Tape 1 ('75/'76)" was given to the journalist Jon Savage by the group in 1978 (recorded in his Search & Destroy article).