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Business Unusual (The Other Record Collection)

Artist: Various

Year: 1979
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Cherry Red
Catalog No: Cherry Red, A. RED 2
Format: Vinyl Lp

Companies, etc.



Genesis P. Orridge originally came up with the title of the compilation. (Source: Cherry Red website)

Produced in association with Zigzag magazine.
Includes large poster, listing all the independent labels of the time - and their releases.

Track A1 Publisher: Nasal Tuney, City Records N1K 5 ? 1978
Track A2 Publisher: Copyright Control, Small Wonder Records Small Seven ? 1978
Track A3 Publisher: Good Vibrations, Good Vibrations GOT 3 ? 1978
Track A4 Publisher: The Publishers, The Label TLR 008 ? 1978
Track A5 Publisher: Raw Edge, Raw Edge Records RER 002 ? 1977
Track A6 Publisher: Aerco, Aerco AERE 1104 ? 1978
Track A7 Publisher: Copyright Control, Tiger Records GRRR 1 ? 1978
Track A8 Publisher: Copyright Control, The Ultimate Record Label ULT 402 ? 1978
Track B1 Publisher: Cherry Red Music Ltd, Cherry Red Records Ltd Cherry 2 ? 1978
Track B2 Publisher: Eel Pie Publishing Ltd, Eel Pie Records EPS 001 ? 1978
Track B3 Publisher: Copyright Control, Oblique Records ER101? 1978
Track B4 Publisher: Copyright Control, Regular no catalog number? 1978
Track B5 Publisher: Industrial, Industrial Records 1R003/U ? 1978
Track B6 Publisher: Copyright Control, Rough Trade Records R.T003 ? 1978

Track A2: De Prave is an alias for David Jaymes, Nayme is an alias for Geoff Deane.

? 1978
© Cherry Red Records Ltd.
Distributed by Spartan Records, Wembley, Middlesex