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The Best Of No Wave 06

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Germany
Catalog No: No Wave Series
Format: Tape
A1     –Carmen (2)     Untitled    
A2     –The Beat (2)     Tears Of A Clown    
A3     –The B-Sides     Spy Is Spy    
A4     –Fatal Charm     Madame Blue    
A5     –Nuclear Socketts     Potential Killer    
A6     –Charles De Goal     Exposition    
A7     –Rosa Yemen     Heppes Simplex    
A8     –Siouxsie & The Banshees     Red Light    
A9     –Depeche Mode     Photographic    
A10     –Kapingbdi     Human Rights    
A11     –The Clash     Armagideon Time    
A12     –UK Subs     Keep On Burning    
A13     –Stiff Little Fingers     The Only One    
A14     –The Bongos     Untitled    
B1     –Wipers     Youth Of America    
B2     –Abwärts     Beim Ersten Mal Tut's Immer Weh    
B3     –Cabaret Voltaire     No Escape    
B4     –The Comsat Angels     Missing In Action    
B5     –Modern Eon     Second Still    
B6     –Punishment Of Luxury     The Message    
B7     –Crisis (2)     Back In The U.S.S.R.    
B8     –The Kids     Scared To Dance    
B9     –The Golinski Brothers     To Scared    
B10     –The Mekons     Business    
B11     –Yello     She's Got A Gun