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Wot We Wukkers Want/ One Step To The Next

Artist: Steve McCaffery

Year: 1978
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Underwhich Audiographics, No. 02
Format: Tape
  Wot We Wukkers Want
A1 Wot We Wukkers Want  
A2 Mid?night Peace  
A3 A Hundred And One Zero S One Ng  
  One Step To The Next
B1 One Step To The Next  
B2 Emes¹  
A1 dedicated to Messrs. Robert Filliou and George Brecht.
A2 composition 1973.
A3 a realization of McCaffery's translation of George Brecht's translation of the closing section of Robert Filliou's 14 Chansons et Charade. The title is a linear representation of a form poem.
B1 produced in Calgary, December 1977.
B2 composed March 1979.

Commercially available blank cassette with typewritten stickers.

Dubbed in an edition of no more than 100 hand numbered copies.