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Infinite Anatomies

Artist: Tekst

Year: 1983
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Underwhich Audiographics, No. 17
Format: Tape
Spezification: 100 copies
A1 Infinite Anatomies  
A2 Museum  
A3 He Came By Car  
A4 Living Without Articles  
A5 Incident On Arborite  
A6 Broken Tantra  
B1 Motionless  
B2 The Plain Of Nazca  
B3 Permissions For Voice  
B4 Journal Entry  
B5 Manitou  
B6 The Distances  
  • Bass Guitar – Glenn Frew
  • Drums – Keith Potts
  • Electronics – Richard Truhlar
  • Harmonica – Richard Truhlar
  • Lead Guitar – Glenn Frew
  • Percussion – Glenn Frew, Keith Potts, Mara Zibens
  • Synthesizer – Mara Zibens, Richard Truhlar
  • Tape – Richard Truhlar
  • Voice – Mara Zibens, Richard Truhlar
Infinite Anatomies is published by Underwhich Editions, Box 262, Adelaide St. Stn., Toronto, Canada, Fall 1983. Recorded and mastered at the Cilog-Kettle Electronics Studios in Toronto. Edition produced by Tekst by Richard Truhlar. Post-production mix and master by Keith Potts.

Note: This tape is chromium-biased and recorded using DBX and Dolby sound equipment.