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Very Sound - Sound Poems

Artist: David UU

Year: 1984
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Underwhich Audiographics, No. 18
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A1 –David UU & The Avalettes Mountain Air 3:11
A2 –David UU & The Avalettes Bing's Cherry -- Take 1 3:11
A3 –David UU & The Avalettes The Celestial Summer Of Doctor Dog -- Resurrected 1:36
A4 –David UU, The Avalettes Dog Byte 7:34
A5 –David UU & The Avalettes Whale, In Memoriam John Coltrane 1:56
A6 –David UU & The Avalettes Stompin' At The Dada Ball 2:56
A7 –David UU & The Avalettes Bing's Cherry -- Take 2 3:06
A8 –David UU & The Avalettes Solar Mass 9:11
A9 –David UU & The Avalettes How I Wrote Certain Of My Books 2:40
A10 –David UU And Gregg Simpson Zen Haul/Western Skies 3:22
B1.1 –David UU Variations On Themes 1 0:41
B1.2 –David UU Variations On Themes 2 0:25
B2 –David UU Toronto 0:06
B3 –David UU Song For A Beggar 0:49
B4 –David UU Auditory Liturgy 0:31
B5 –David UU 'How Can I Touch You Now …' 0:31
B6 –David UU Try A Little Tenderness 0:17
B7 –David UU Songs For A City: 1 0:26
B8.1 –David UU Vercussion 1 0:16
B8.2 –David UU Vercussion 2 0:17
B9 –David UU Auditory Two 0:13
B10 –David UU 'Red Rose Red Rose …' 0:56
B11 –David UU 'Don't Give Up The Ship Ive Got The Oar …' 0:26
B12 –David UU For D.A. Levy 0:16
B13 –David UU Corn Plasters & My Heart 0:42
B14 –David UU 'Breaking Open …' 0:29
B15 –David UU Salmon River Soliloquy 0:40
B16 –David UU Salmon River Soliloquy II 0:40
B17 –David UU Portrait 0:34
B18 –David UU 'Is There Blood On Your Finger Yes There Is …' 2:07
B19 –David UU 'Cloud Shit Hung Down Fold Over …' 0:56
B20 –David UU 'The Glory In The Heavens …' 0:26
B21 –David UU Rhyme 0:14
B22 –David UU Chants From Tas:mania 1:38
B23 –David UU, Ed Varney (2) & Ingrid Harris Chant From Embalmination 1:38
B24 –David UU Song Of Childhood (Memories Of The Baptist Church) 0:32
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – The Studio, North Vancouver, BC
  • Recorded At – Art Gallery Of Ontario
  • Musician [The Avalettes Are], Bass – Phil Morgan (tracks: A1 to A9)
  • Musician [The Avalettes Are], Piano, Percussion – Gregg Simpson (tracks: A1 to A9)
  • Musician [The Avalettes Are], Vocals – Bob Coleman (2) (tracks: A1 to A9), Ingrid Harris (tracks: A1 to A9), Patricia Garrett (tracks: A1 to A9)
A1 to A7 performed at The Studio, North Vancouver, BC, 1972.
A8 and A9 are tape compositions with 'live' content performed & composed at 136 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1972.
A10 was recorded 'live' at the Arts Gallery of Ontario, 1973.
B1 to B9 performed at 141 East 27 Street, North Vancouver, BC, 15 February 1983.
B10 to B20 performed at 141 East 27 Street, 16 February 1983.
B21 performed at 141 East 27 Street, 28 March 1983.
B22 is David UU's voice overtracked to simulate performance & was recorded at Mahon Street, North Vancouver, 1970.
B23 was performed at 141 East 27 Street, 26 March 1983.
B24 was performed at 141 East 27 Street, March 1983.

Numbered edition of 100 copies.