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Fugitive Forms

Artist: Paul Dutton

Year: 1986
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Underwhich Editions
Format: Tape
A1 Persephone 4:05
A2 Blue Reed's (for Jimmy Reed) 4:20
A3 from So'nets 4:10
A4 The Eighth Sea 6:20
A5 Vive Le (for Henri Chopin) 2:02
A6 Imp's Rove 4:20
B1 Sound Blues For Muddy Waters 4:07
B2 For The Letter That Begins Them All, H (for bpNichol) 3:36
B3 Mouth To Mouth 6:25
B4 Dr. Mustard's Found Sounds 1:07
B5 Stereo Nose 6:00
B6 Mercure 5:15